Tommy's Midwives Helpline for Black and Black Mixed-Heritage women

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use the helpline?

This specialist helpline supports Black and Black Mixed-Heritage women and birthing people in the UK. Black women are at higher risks of complications during pregnancy, which is why we are offering extra support.

I have an urgent question

This is a non-urgent service.

If you notice that your baby’s movements have slowed down, changed or stopped, it may be a sign that your baby is not well. Do not wait until the next day if you are concerned about your baby’s movements. Contact your maternity unit immediately. 

If you have any other symptoms that you're not sure about you can check here to see whether they are urgent or not. If in doubt, call your maternity unit, midwife or GP.

Bereavement support

If you've had a pregnancy loss or a neonatal death in the last year, you can also book a 1:1 call with a Tommy's Midwife using the form above.

Our midwives can arrange free baby loss bereavement counselling for you through our partnership with Petals, the baby loss bereavement charity, and Five X More.

Miscarriage Support Tool

If you have had a previous miscarriage, you can get personalised information and support with our new Miscarriage Support Tool.

It will tell you everything you need to know if you're thinking of another pregnancy after miscarriage.