Giovanna Fletcher: third trimester + stomach bug

Giovanna Fletcher had to cancel filming this week thanks to the arrival of… no not her baby... a tummy bug.

The third trimester can be exhausting at the best of times, but adding a stomach bug and hot weather on top would make anyone feel pretty "gutted", to quote Giovanna.

We hope Gi feels much better soon. And for anyone else in the same sick bed, here's some advice:

What to do if you have sickness or diarrhoea in pregnancy?

  1. Do not panic - A stomach bug lasting up to 48 hours is very unlikely to harm your baby.

  2. Rest - Stomach bugs are exhausting so take it easy. When napping, make sure you're sleeping on your side in the third trimester.

  3. Fluids - Drink plenty of water - small sips regularly if you're feeling nauseous.

  4. Eat if you can - Small, light meals are best. If you're not able to eat because it makes you feel or be sick, you should be ok without food for 24 hours as long as you're drinking enough water.

  5. Wash your hands - Make sure your hands are clean after you go to the toilet or vomit.

When to get help

  • Do not take any medicine for your stomach bug without speaking to a pharmacist or medical professional.
  • If your bug lasts longer than 48 hours go and see a GP.
  • Speak to a doctor as soon as possible if you experience other symptoms, such as:

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