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We campaign to raise awareness of baby loss, help grieving families feel less alone, and share the latest research-led information and advice with parents-to-be so they can have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

BBC Lifeline Appeal

Hear Ben and Marina Fogle explain why they support the work we do make pregnancy safer for all, and listen to stories from 3 incredible women who were cared for by teams at our clinics.


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Making pregnancy safer

  • Movements matter

    Our Movements Matter campaign challenged dangerous myths about baby movements, and gave mums-to-be the facts about what to do when they experience reduced fetal movements.#MovementsMatter

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  • Sleep on side

    Our Sleep on Side campaign taught millions of women about sleeping safely in pregnancy, after Tommy's research found that sleeping on your side in the third trimester helps prevent stillbirth.#SleepOnSide

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  • Always Ask

    Over 60% of women worry about wasting their midwives’ time. That’s why Tommy’s launched acampaignto encourage women to trust their instincts and not be afraid to ask about their concerns.#AlwaysAsk

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  • Your Baby's Mum

    Mental wellbeing during and after pregnancy is just as important as physical health, which is why we launched a digital wellbeing toolandcampaign to encourage women to think about how they're feeling.#YourBabysMum

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  • Are you ready?

    Tommy’s, in partnership with PHE, RCOG, UCL and Clearblue, developed a digital Planning for Pregnancy tool and a national campaignto raise awareness about the importance of pre-conception health. #AreYouReady

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Breaking the silence

  • Together for change

    For parents who lose a baby, social media can be a place of comfort and support, or it can make the experience more difficult. We spoke to parents to find out whatimpact social media had on their grief. #TogetherForChange

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  • misCOURAGE

    We wanted to get the nation talking about miscarriage, end the silence around it, and support men and women across the UK to share their stories.#misCOURAGE

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  • The baby loss series

    In partnership with Stillbirth Stories, Tommy's launched The Baby Loss Series, a suite of animated audio interviews with people affected by baby loss. #TheBabyLossSeries

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