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We campaign to raise awareness of baby loss, help grieving families feel less alone, and share the latest research-led information and advice with parents-to-be so they can have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

A mother is holding up her baby son. The baby is holding the finger of a doctor wearing scrubs, who is smiling at him

Our vision is to stop the heartbreak and devastation of baby loss and make pregnancy and birth safe – for everyone. Our award-winning campaign work is an important part of this, and spans every one of our goals as an organisation: to grow evidence, improve care, tackle inequities and mobilise for change. Here, you can find out more about our current and past campaigns.

Some of our recent campaigns

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After my loss, I took great comfort in everything that Tommy's does and stands for and was particularly moved by their We See A Mum campaign. I found Mother's Day this year very bitter sweet being pregnant with my rainbow baby but also grieving the loss of my first baby that should've made me a mum.

— Amy

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