Cookies policy

This page outlines our cookies policy to explain what personal information we hold, how we may use it and what your rights are.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are sent from a website to your computer or mobile phone. They are stored on the hard drive of your device. Some are stored just for the duration of your visit to the website, others are stored for much longer periods. A cookie often contains a unique number, which can be used to recognise your computer when a user of your computer returns to a website that it visited previously.

How does Tommy’s use cookies?

We use cookies to enhance the online experience of our visitors, to better understand how our website is used and to monitor how our advertisements perform. Cookies may tell us, for example, whether you have visited our site before or whether you are a new visitor. Another example is enabling us to show you articles that you have recently read, so that you can access them again more easily. If you'd like to learn more about cookies in general, we recommend the About Cookies website.

Your rights

Our cookies do not store financial information and neither we or any third party will link, or seek to link, an IP address with the identity of a computer user. You have the right to choose whether to accept these cookies. You can exercise this right by amending or setting the controls on your browser to reflect your cookie preferences.

Cookies: your choice

Our website works better with cookies enabled. Our cookies don't give us or anyone else access to your personal data. Your experience on our website will be improved if cookies are enabled. However, you can use your browser to delete and reject cookies. But, be aware that disabling cookies will affect the functionality of Tommy’s website and many other websites that you visit.

How can I control my cookies?

You can use your browser to:

  • delete all cookies
  • block all cookies
  • allow all cookies;
  • block ‘third-party’ cookies (ie, cookies set by online services other than the one you are visiting)
  • clear all cookies when you close the browser
  • install add-ons and plugins that extend browser functionality

Where to find information about controlling cookies

Alternatively, the help menu in the toolbar of your browser can also help you to change your settings.

What cookies do we use?

Strictly necessary

These cookies are needed to run our website and to keep it secure. These cookies are set by us for our internal purposes and are essential to provide you with services you have requested. If you set your browser to block these cookies, these functions and services will not work for you.


Cookie name

Purpose of Cookie

Tommy’s website


 This cookie helps us to detect malicious visitors to our website. It is used to speed up page load times. It does not contain any user identification information.

Tommy’s website


 This cookie is used to remember that you have accepted the cookie warning so you don’t have to accept it every time you visit the site.


Functional Cookies

These cookies are used to recognise you and remember your preferences or settings when you return to our site, so that we can provide you with a more personalised experience.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows us to recognise and count the number of visitors and to see how visitors move around our website when they are using it.  This helps us to improve the way our website works, for example, by ensuring that users are finding what they are looking for easily. We don’t collect or store your personal information (for example your name or address) so this information can’t be used to identify who you are. We don’t allow Google to use or share our analytics data.

For more information on Google Analytics privacy policy, see:

Performance cookies

These cookies measure how often you visit our sites and how you use them. We use this information to get a better sense of how our users engage with our website, so you have a better experience. We then use this data to help us improve our website and services.

We also use additional cookies from third party advertising or analytics partners on a short term basis, which is the duration of your session. This helps to improve the effectiveness of our advertising, for example by enabling us to reach or exclude our website visitors across partner networks. These cookies are listed as of the time this page was updated and is reviewed regularly.


Cookie name

Purpose of Cookie

Tommy’s website


This cookie name is associated with Google Universal Analytics, according to documentation it is used to throttle the request rate - limiting the collection of data on high traffic sites. It expires after 10 minutes.

Tommy’s website


This cookie is associated with Google Universal Analytics. This appears to be a new cookie and as of Spring 2017 no information is available from Google.  It appears to store and update a unique value for each page visited.

Tommy’s website


This cookie is associated with Google Universal Analytics - which is a significant update to Google's more commonly used analytics service. This cookie is used to distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly generated number as a client identifier. It is included in each page. This helps us learn how many people use our website.

Tommy’s website


This Google analytics tool helps us distinguish users experience on our website, as we improve users website experience, this tool helps us with user testing.

Tommy’s website


This cookie helps us measure the performance of different versions of web pages. This cookie ensures a visitor always sees the same version of a page and is used to track behaviour to measure the performance of different page versions.

Tommy’s website


Stores the unique client identifier used by Worldpay

Tommy’s website


Stores the unique client identifier used by Worldpay

Tommy’s website


This cookie helps us uniquely identifies a visitor during a single browser session and indicates they are included in an audience sample.

Targeting cookies

These cookies help us decide which services may be relevant for you. We may use this data to tailor the ads you see on our own website and social channels.

Facebook Cookies

We regularly utilise the social media platform Facebook to communicate with our supporters through both unpaid posts and paid advertising. We use cookies to measure the effectiveness of paid advertising on Facebook to ensure the money we spend is used effectively. They also enable us to either service advertisements to or exclude people who have visited our website.

For more information on Facebooks privacy policy, see:

Example cookies we, or a third party might use:


Cookie name

Purpose of Cookie

Tommy’s website


Allows us to deliver messages tailored to what you are interested in addition to helping us learn how people interact with our social content, right through to our website. This cookie will retarget those users with Facebook ads in the future, as well as help us understand how you use our website.

Other cookies set by third parties

We allow third party organisations to set cookies to help us know if you have taken an action from an email. We send emails using Adestra, which has tracking technology. We use these to understand how well our emails are performing and what links are clicked on by our readers. We then use this information to improve the emails that we send to you and the services that we provide

If you go on to a page on our website that contains embedded content, for example YouTube, you may be sent cookies from these websites.

Our website also contains embedded “share” buttons to enable users of the site to easily share articles with their friends through a number of popular networks, for example, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These sites may set a cookie when you are also logged in to their service.

We do not control the setting of these cookies, so we suggest you check the third-party website for more information about their cookies and how to manage them.

Useful information

  • A number of websites provide detailed information on cookies, including and
  • The European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance website Your Online Choices allows you to install opt-out cookies across different advertising networks.

Deleting cookies

In your web browser you can control which types of cookies you allow. You can turn cookies on or off using your browser's settings. You can also delete cookies and clear your browser's cache (history). You can also delete cookies already stored on your computer:

  1. in Internet Explorer, you must manually delete cookie files;
  2. in Firefox, you can delete cookies by, first ensuring that cookies are to be deleted when you “clear private data” (this setting can be changed by clicking “Tools”, “Options” and “Settings” in the “Private Data” box) and then clicking “Clear private data” in the “Tools” menu.
  3. in Google Chrome you can adjust your cookie permissions by clicking “Options”, “Under the hood”, Content Settings in the “Privacy” section. Click on the Cookies tab in the Content Settings.

Contact us

If you would like to contact us about Cookies please email [email protected]