Tommy's pregnancy at work

Pregnancy at Work

We are currently redeveloping Pregnancy at Work. This means we are not currently accepting new applications to become a Pregnancy at Work member until 2021.

Become a pioneering partner of Pregnancy at Work in 2021

We want to partner with companies that are committed to supporting their employees' pregnancy and parenthood, whatever the journey.

If you are interested in becoming part of Pregnancy at Work in 2021 please contact [email protected]

What can my company do in the meantime?

To become an accredited member of the Tommy's Pregnancy at work programme, the following criteria must apply to your organisation:

  • You must provide all legally required information to pregnant employees and undertake all legally required duties, in accordance with current UK maternity law.
  • All pregnant employees must be encouraged to attend their antenatal appointments.
  • Risk assessments must be carried out for every pregnant employee upon notification of their pregnancy.
  • A smoke free working environment must be provided.
  • Rest and relaxation places for pregnant women must be provided. (Please note it is not necessary to provide a separate room. Existing staff rooms, canteens or other areas can be used as long as the area is smoke free. What is important is that pregnant women have a place they can rest away from their desk).
  • Make all your pregnant employees aware of our PregnancyHub and midwife helpline. If you are a member of Pregnancy at Work you must give them access to our members' hub.

It is important that your organisation supports pregnant women. For more information on employers' and employees' rights and responsibilities, the following websites can help:

Heath and Safety Executive
Equality and Human Rights Commission