Pregnancy and Parenting at Work

Pregnancy & Parenting at Work helps workplaces to support their employees through any pregnancy journey, from planning and parenting to complications and losses.
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The guidance for managers is excellent. It nails how parents feel, the physical aspects and the grieving process. I have no doubt the guidance will help managers better support parents

Expert-led training and resources

As an employer, your managers are likely to have a range of experience and knowledge when it comes to managing pregnancy at work. 

To address this, we've created training and resources that will help your managers to understand, recognise and meet parents' needs, including through complex situations like baby loss. 

There are many journeys to parenthood, some more difficult than others, and no two experiences will be the same. We'll empower your managers to provide the best level of support, whatever the journey. 


Two unique training courses to help your managers give the best possible support to employees:

Managing pregnancy and parenting at work 

  • Engaging and interactive training programme to support line managers to manage the pregnancy journey, from the moment your employee tells you they are pregnant through to the first few months after they return to work. 
  • Focuses on positive supportive communication.
  • Includes legal, practical and emotional training.

Supporting an employee through pregnancy and baby loss or premature birth

  • Unique module to guide managers who are supporting an employee experiencing pregnancy complications or loss. 
  • Expert guidance for managers on supporting a colleague with compassion and empathy.
  • Includes legal, practical and emotional training.

Fertility in the Workplace 

  • About Infertility 
  • Different fertility journeys 
  • How the fertility experience may impact your employee
  • What the treatment involves
  • How the treatment might affect work
  • How to talk to and manage employees
  • How to support an employee through bad news
  • Template pregnancy loss and fertility policies 
  • Supportive toolkit of resources with additional guidance on:
  1. Good communication
  2. Maternity leave and pay
  3. Shared parental leave 
  4. Returning to work
  5. Health and wellbeing 
  6. Supporting partners
  7. Miscarriage
  8. Stillbirth
  9. Premature birth
  10. Fertility treatment
  11. Surrogacy and adoption 
  • A live workshop or event for your organisation delivered by a Tommy's midwife, on a topic of your choosing (please note an additonal fee may apply).
  • Phoneline access for managers or employees to Tommy’s midwives for help & support.

A comprehensive guide on creating an inclusive and supportive pregnancy and baby loss policy for your organisation:

  • Language and ensuring your policy supports all experiences
  • Leave considerations
  • Being as supportive as possible

Our Learning Management System (LMS) has been created to host your training and resources. Your Pregnancy and Parenting at Work portal gives you access to: 

  • Online risk assessment tool
  • Maternity due date calculator
  • HR analytics dashboard 

Does your organisation have over 500 employees?

We can provide you with the e-training course files and toolkit to be integrated into your own system.

If you would like to choose this option, please note that you will not have access to the above tools and dashboard. 

We've developed an accreditation scheme to celebrate the companies that are going above and beyond for their employees.

If you want to be recognised as a company leading the way for change, you can apply to be a Tommy's Pregnancy and Parenting at Work Champion. Find out more about our accreditation scheme. 

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I messaged a manager once it became clear the baby had died, and immediately she was incredibly supportive. It was made clear that I had their unconditional support and only had to say the word if I needed anything. I’ve realised how much it matters to work somewhere that values you as a person, all the time, not just when you’re doing your job.

60% of professional women will leave their organisation within a year of returning to the workplace after maternity leave

The most common reason is feeling unsupported by their employer. 

By investing in supporting your employees through Pregnancy and Parenting at Work, you will:

  • Improve your ability to retain and attract talented employees
  • Increase the wellbeing of your employees
  • Make a huge difference to your business continuity
  • Demonstrate with confidence that you take a positive, open and inclusive approach to pregnancy, parenting and loss at work, no matter the journey

Join us today and lead the way in providing the very best level of support for your employees, whatever their experience might be.

Thank you to our members, including:

Company logos of the members of the Pregnancy and Parenting at Work programme, in alphabetical order (Arqiva; Bonnier; Bupa; Lime; Ramblers; RCOG; SMS; South Staffordshire College; Virgin; VMLY&R)