Referrals to our clinics

Find out how you can be seen at one of our clinics. Often to get a referral, the first step is to visit your GP, midwife or consultant.

We fund a network of pioneering research centres across the country. As part of our innovative research model, each research centre is associated with a number of NHS antenatal clinics and recurrent miscarriage clinics. At these clinics, members of our research team translate medical research into clinical practice in real time. This means that patients can access cutting-edge clinical care, as well as have the opportunity to participate in medical trials.

The clinics associated with our centres are part of NHS provision and therefore operate according to the regulations and processes of individual hospital trusts. If you would like to be referred to a Tommy’s clinic, you should speak to your GP, midwife, or consultant in the first instance. If you fit the referral criteria, they will be able to refer you digitally, usually via the NHS ‘choose and book’ system. For more information about contact information and referral criteria, please see below.

As our clinics are part of NHS provision, Tommy’s does not have access to patient data. This includes access to referrals, appointments, test results and clinic waiting lists. Our midwives and social media team cannot answer specific questions about your NHS care. If you have any queries, please reach out directly to the clinic you are attending.