How your money helps

Your donations enable us to fund research into baby loss and pregnancy complications, and provide pregnancy information to save babies’ lives.

Your donations fund research into pregnancy loss

Each and every donation takes us one step closer to achieving our vision of making the UK the safest place in the world to give birth.

We're very proud that more than 90% of our income comes from voluntary donations by Tommy’s supporters and our partnerships with charitable trusts, foundations and companies; this fantastic generosity is what makes our life-changing - and often life-saving - work possible.

Our life-saving work is only possible thanks to our supporters. When you give money or support us in other ways, you are helping our clinicians and researchers come closer to preventing pregnancy loss.

Your donations help us provide pregnancy information

Your donations also fund our PregnancyLine, our midwife-led service that provides free expert advice for parents-to-be and health professionals.

Worried parents can contact us during office hours by telephone, email or social media. Our midwives provide reassurance, give advice on how to have a healthy pregnancy, and advise women to contact their GP, midwife or A&E if they have symptoms indicating a complication.

We also provide advice through our Tommy’s Midwives Facebook Page, which reaches thousands of women every single month.

I had multiple miscarriages but the calm words of the Tommy's midwife gave me reassurance and the space to help me through the thoughts and feelings I was having. Her warmth allowed me to regulate my emotions when anger, frustration, fear and anxiety were all circulating at the same time. She put me at ease and was there to help me understand my body and regain control of it…

Charmaine, who was supported by the Tommy’s midwives and is running the Royal Parks Half Marathon for Tommy’s. Read more about Charmaine’s story.

Our fundraising approach

We provide “seed funding” to our research centres in London, Manchester, Warwick and Birmingham. This provides stability to our top-class researchers – ensuring we can keep some of the UK’s best scientists working to save babies’ lives. Our funding enables them to uncover evidence which in turn allows them to apply for larger funding from other sources, such as the NHS, universities and other research organisations.

We estimate that every £1 donated to Tommy’s will leverage at least £5 of funding in five years’ time.   

This means, for example, that a grant of £1,000 has the potential to leverage £5,000 worth of funding from some of the world’s most prestigious medical funders.

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You’ll help fund vital research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth, so we can keep saving babies’ lives and supporting parents.