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Our cutting-edge research could not take place without the women and birthing people who take part in our research trials. Getting involved in research also gives families the opportunity to benefit from new tests and treatments.

Tommy's trials at multiple hospitals

LOCI Pregnancy loss sub-study

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) affects around 20% of women and birthing people, and can lead to them not releasing eggs. Current guidelines suggest using the medication clomifene to improve ovulation in people with PCOS with or without another medication called metformin, which can help improve PCOS, but this does not result in pregnancy in many women and birthing people. The LOCI trial is looking at using another medication called letrozole to see if it is better at improving ovulation and fertility compared to clomifene. 

This sub-study of the LOCI trial is assessing whether giving participants metformin can also reduce miscarriage rates. 

Who can get involved? 

Women and birthing people participating in the LOCI trial that become pregnant after ovulation induction treatment can take part. There are multiple sites recruiting to the LOCI trial across the UK. 

Find out more about the trial and whether your hospital or healthcare provider is taking part by emailing [email protected]


Tommy's trials in Birmingham

The Graded Model of Miscarriage Care

In 2021, our National Centre for Miscarriage Research published the Miscarriage Matters series, outlining the devastating impact of miscarriage and calling for a complete rethink around miscarriage care. Within these papers, the team recommended the Graded Model of Care for Miscarriage, which would see women and birthing people receive support after 1 miscarriage, not 3. 

The team are now piloting this model of care at Birmingham Women's Hospital for 3 months to show the impact of the model on miscarriage rates. 

In the recently release Pregnancy Loss Review, the government committed to reviewing the findings of the pilot and to consider how this model might be implemented on a national scale. 

Who can get involved? 

All women and birthing people at Birmingham Women's Hospital who have miscarried pregnancies up to 14 weeks are eligible for care under the graded model. 

You cannot take part if you experience molar pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage at later gestation. 

Find out more by emailing [email protected] or [email protected] 

We hope to have details of premature birth research trials taking place soon.

We hope to have details of stillbirth trials taking place soon.