How much extra should I eat in pregnancy?

The big myth around eating in pregnancy is that you now need to 'eat for two'.

It's likely you'll be encouraged to have extra food or indulge in extra snacks because ‘you’re eating for two now’.

Much as this might be tempting, it's simply not true! Eating lots of extra food now that you're pregnant will not help your baby, and will leave you with lots of extra weight that you may struggle to lose when your baby is born. This is especially true if the extra food you are reaching for is high in empty calories, fat and sugar.

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Your baby takes everything they need from you for the first six months without you needing any extra calories at all. Once you get to the last trimester, you may need to eat a bit more. This is only around 200 extra calories a day, though, which is around half a sandwich.

Our film shows exactly how many calories are in some common foods


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