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10 super snacks to help your baby grow

During pregnancy eating small more frequent meals can help with sickness. If you want a snack, there are lots of healthier options.

A couple of oatcakes, a banana, some berries or a small bag of unsalted nuts will be better for you and will fill you up for longer than sweets, chocolate, biscuits or crisps. Try some of these interesting ideas.

Malt loaf with a satsuma

Malt Loaf and Satsumas

Boiled egg and wholemeal toast

Egg and toast

Wholemeal toast with honey and apple slices, with milk


Popcorn with apple slices, with milk


Pitta bread, houmous, pepper and cucumber sticks, and soya milk


Oatcakes, celery sticks and houmous, with milk


Custard with apricots


Frozen yoghurt with grapes


Soft cheese and banana platter


Pear and almonds


  1. Many thanks to Dr Helen Crawley from The First Steps Nutrition Trust for these recipes.
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