Supporter Stories

Our supporters share their reasons for joining Team Tommy's and the challenges they've taken on to raise money towards research into the causes of baby loss.

    • jules-llhm-tommys

      'I had never heard of it so could never have been prepared.'

      'I just kept thinking if only people talked about it, just maybe I could have been a little more prepared and people around me would have a better of understanding of how painful it was and how it stays with you'.

    • claire-llhm-tommys

      It felt like an out of body experience

      'Life carried on, I was muddling through it as best I could, and no one really broached the subject. I mean, what can you say? I've been on both sides and it's tough.'

    • joanne-llhm-tommys

      My life changed forever

      'I can honestly say that there has not been a single day in the past eight years where I have not thought about my 14 lost babies. So I am running the London Landmarks Half Marathon, which is hugely outside of my comfort zone as a non-runner, in honour of Sebastian, Elsie and my other 14 loves.'

    • zoe-reason-for-running

      We never imagined anything would be wrong

      '5 months after having our son I decided that I would sign up to run my first half marathon. It’s a huge challenge for myself. However, I realise how lucky my husband and I are to have our little one. I want to give something back to Tommy’s for just that little bit of support that gave us so much hope.'

    • jane-llhm-tommys

      No one expects this to happen to them

      'No one expects this to happen to them and no one can tell you how you’re meant to act. My pregnancy and birthing plan had disappeared over night and I had two sick babies who I was unable to care for. I felt totally alone with my own feelings and felt I had nowhere to turn.'

    • sophie-llhm-tommy's

      Kolby's footprints

      'Kolby’s Footprints will forever be helping others who suffer the loss of a baby or supporting where we can with babies that make an early appearance. I will make sure his memory lives on by helping others and leaving his little footprint on many hearts'.

    • jojo-llhm-tommys

      For all the little ones we did not get to meet

      'Although personally I found this easier to deal with than the first loss hearing the word miscarriage again brought back a flood of emotions. It was then I realised I needed to confront this, because ignoring and suppressing was never going to send it away.'

    • Baby loss submission

      A rainbow after the storm

      In 2019 I’m running the London Landmarks Half Marathon if I can just help one couple, only family or one parent not go through what I went through it will all be worth it.

    • Never feel ashamed to talk about miscarriage

      This experience has opened my eyes and I want to be part of that change. I don’t want to stand on the side lines. I and other women should never feel ashamed to talk about pregnancy loss.

    • The best and worst day of our lives

      Although Will's weight and length were measurably lacking at birth, the size of his heart and spirit were entirely immeasurable.