'I had never heard of Tommy's while I was going through this and I really wish I had.'

Rainbow baby Nelly is taking part in Sensathon with mum Hayley. Here’s their story...

Tommy's guest blog, 24/05/2018 by Hayley

At the end of 2015 we found out I was pregnant. We were over the moon! We had no worries because we'd had no problems with our son Finley.

But something didn't feel right so I went to the hospital for a scan, I was 8 weeks pregnant and she told me there was a heartbeat but the baby wasn't growing well.

I went back a few days later and the baby still didn't look right and I was told I would miscarry. We were both devastated. It didn't happen on it's own, I had to have tablets to help me miscarry. Such a horrible thing to go through.

In April 2016 I fell pregnant again. This time I was very worried in case it would go wrong again and I'd lose the baby. At 8 weeks we went for a scan & everything was OK and looked healthy. I felt reassured.

I had pregnancy symptoms but they stopped round 10 weeks and I knew something was wrong.

I got told not to worry. We got to the 12 week scan and I was so scared, I was crying before we went in. I knew something was wrong. I had the scan and baby stopped growing at 10 weeks.

We could not believe this was happening again! I felt angry, upset and lost.

Again I had to have tablets to help me miscarry. I swore I wouldn't go through this again. I was heart broken.

Three months later I was pregnant again! But sadly we lost our third baby round 7 weeks. All I kept thinking was 'why me?'. Why do I have to go through this? No one understood what I  was going through and everyone would say the wrong thing to me, which made me feel worse.

We had tests done at Liverpool Women's Hospital and everything come back normal. We were going to give up but I fell pregnant again. I was very scared and worried that we wouldn't get our baby.

I was getting looked after more at the hospital but did not enjoy being pregnant as I was so scared. But I gave birth to our daughter, Nelly, in Nov 2017. Our rainbow baby. We our over the moon and our family is complete with our son and daughter.

I had never heard of Tommy's while I was going through this and I really wish I had.