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14 weeks pregnant - what's happening

Your growing baby is now around the size of a kiwi fruit. They measure about 85mm from the top of their head to the bottom.

14 weeks infographic.

What does my baby look like?

Your baby has started swallowing tiny sips of amniotic fluid. This goes into their stomach, through their kidneys and comes back out as urine. Amazing.

Your midwife might be able to hear your baby's heartbeat from 14 weeks. This is done with a hand-held fetal heart rate monitor (known as a hand-held doppler), which is placed on your tummy.

Remember only a trained health professional can monitor your baby's heartbeat. Home dopplers and apps that claim to monitor your baby's heartbeat are dangerous and misleading. The safest way for you to monitor your baby's health is by knowing the pattern of their movements.

Hearing your baby's heartbeat for the first time can be a very special moment in a pregnancy and may make your baby feel more real for you. It’s likely you’ll get to have a listen at your 16 weeks midwife appointment.

Your symptoms - what's happening

Your partner

Your relationship with your partner might change now, with the added stress of having a new person to look after in the near future.

It can also feel strange if you are constantly aware of your pregnancy but it doesn’t yet seem real to your partner. Some partners find that seeing their baby at the 18-week scan or hearing the heart beat in an antenatal appointment helps them to really believe in the baby.

It's good to talk to each other about your feelings. Here’s some useful information on relationships and pregnancy.


If you’ve been suffering from sickness, this will hopefully have disappeared by now. However, it may last longer for some women.

Stomach pains

You may get sharp pains on both sides of your tummy, which get worse when you move. These are called 'round ligament pains' and are nothing to worry about. They are caused by all the stretching your womb is doing as it rapidly grows in size.

Find out what to do if you have a pain in your stomach area.


Many women feel relieved to be past week 12, as there’s now a much lower chance of miscarriage. You may feel much more positive and find that you start to enjoy your pregnancy more.

If this isn’t the case for you, and you are still feeling anxious and unhappy, read our guide about maintaining your mental wellbeing in pregnancy.

Leaking nipples?

Don’t panic if you notice any yellow stains in your bra. This is probably a tiny bit of colostrum - the first milk mums produce - leaking from your nipples. Breasts can start producing milk as early as 14 weeks into pregnancy. Grab yourself some absorbent breast pads.

Pardon you

Feeling bloated, gassy or burpy? You’re not alone.

Feeling frisky?

For some lucky ladies, sex during pregnancy is better than ever because of the increased blood flow in your pelvic area. Hormones can also boost your sex drive.

Don’t be alarmed if you feel any Braxton Hicks contractions. They can be triggered by an orgasm but they’re nothing to worry about.

Do you know what your BMI is? Use our nifty calculator and find out more about managing your weight in pregnancy.

Actions to take

Struggling to quit?

Stopping smoking is one of the best things you can do for your baby’s health. If you quit before the 15th week of pregnancy, the health risks for your baby go down.

“I was smoking about 15 to 20 a day during my first pregnancy. I gave up at 16 weeks and five days, when I first felt him kick and realised that there was actually a life inside me. I quit completely.”

Siobhan, mum of two

Find out more about the effects of smoking in pregnancy.

And use our smoking calculator to find out how much money you can save if you give up smoking.

Am I allowed to take time off work to go to antenatal appointments?

All pregnant women are entitled to ‘reasonable’ paid time off work to attend antenatal appointments, including any relaxation or parentcraft classes. Travelling and waiting time are included too, so don’t worry about rushing about or if your appointment’s running late.

Find out how to have a successful and manageable working pregnancy.



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Last reviewed on April 1st, 2015. Next review date April 1st, 2018.

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  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 30 Oct 2017 - 06:35

    Hi been subscribed amoxicillin for uti is it ok to still take the pre natal vitamins or should I wait to finish the course?

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 30 Oct 2017 - 14:51

    Hi There is no reason why you should not take multivitamins in your pregnancy but you should finish the course of antibiotics once you start taking them. I hope the UTI clears up soon.

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 22 Jul 2017 - 00:17

    hi,im 14 weeks now.depression really attack me so bad.i cant still feel the joy of my pregnancy.this is my third.anyone can help me ease my depression.

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 24 Jul 2017 - 14:52

    Really sorry that you are feeling so low. Have you got any support where you are living? We have some tips to help you relax in pregnancy and help you cope with mild depression but if you think this is more serious please visit your GP for advice.

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 4 Aug 2017 - 15:54

    Depression killed me when I had my first child but I found out if I did yoga or ti-chi every time I was geting in that depression mood it helps release and releave your stress and mood now that I've had 3 children and another on the way I find I don't have time to think about things like depression any more I have kids to think about and make their future brighter and better

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 7 Jul 2017 - 16:40

    Hi im 14 week's pregnant and my outer part of vagina or at the pubic part is feeling numb like it's gonna fell or something.. It's not that really painful but it just irritable.. Is it normal?

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 7 Jul 2017 - 16:43

    Hi, it does not necessarily sound like anything to worry about however for some women they can get pelvic pain from early on in pregnancy. If the discomfort continues or you have symptoms of a urine infection or any bleeding then do contact your maternity unit. If not just mention it to your midwife at your next appointment. Tommy's midwives.

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 3 May 2017 - 17:42

    I'm 13weeks 4days today and still yet there is not improvement in my spitting of saliva, please help, what should I do

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 4 May 2017 - 11:11

    Ptyalism /hypersalivation is a common problem in early pregnancy but often resolves or improves around 14 weeks. Ensure that you clean your teeth regularly and use mouth wash. Also try to eat frequent small well-balanced meals and drink plenty of water by carrying a bottle to take frequent sips. Some people also suggest chewing gum or sucking boiled sweets as this can help you to swallow the excess saliva. Hope this helps and that it improves over the next few weeks. Best wishes x

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 6 Jun 2017 - 12:04

    Am aslo going through been chewing gum nd DAT help me a lot to reduce d saliva..not easy

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 6 Jun 2017 - 12:30

    Hi Mabel. I am glad to hear that chewing gum helps you a lot. Look after yourself!

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 24 Mar 2017 - 06:02

    Im 14 weeks En 3 days I feel terrible pain in my stomuch when I work .sitdown I sleep what can I do I'm tied with this pains

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 24 Mar 2017 - 09:10

    Hi Lolo
    Abdominal pain in pregnancy, at any gestation, needs to be reviewed as soon as possible by a midwife and obstetric doctor. Please ensure that you take yourself in to be reviewed, so that you can put your mind at ease or have a plan of care in place if they are concerned about the pain. Look after yourself.

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 22 Mar 2017 - 13:20

    Hi I'm 14 weeks today I've been having really intense burning in my vagina I've gone to the docters and I've been checked and treated for a uti and the results are negative my docter seems to think it my uterus growing causing me pain and being to close to my bladder has anyone else gone through this ? If so when did u get relief ?

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 23 Mar 2017 - 11:26

    Hi. The symptoms you describe would usually be linked to a UTI and antibiotics would in most cases help to resolve the pain. If you are not getting any relief yet I would suggest that you see your GP again or you could call us on 0800 0147 800. There is a midwife here 9-5pm Monday to Friday to answer your queries and give advice. Best wishes

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 27 Apr 2017 - 15:31

    I'm going through this I'm 13weeks today I can't stop peeing I don't think it's a UTI it just feel like pressure on my bladder I was super scared at first

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 8 Aug 2017 - 08:15

    Yes I have this and I am currently 14 weeks , on my 4th and have had it with them all , I think it's just the pressure of your growing baby on your bladder , rest up and drink plenty just in case love

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 1 Mar 2017 - 14:01

    Hi, thanks for your post. I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing so much pain. Women do report breast pain and often choose to use hot or cold compresses as you are limited in what you can do/ take pain relief wise. Have you examined your breasts to see if there are any localised lumps or red area?
    You mentioned a sports bra but|I wonder as your breasts are growing whether it would be good to invest in a soft, supportive maternity bra and see if this makes any difference? Many women report that this type of pain resolves in the second trimester.
    Please let us know how you get on
    Tommy's Midwives

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 27 Feb 2017 - 22:37

    My breast are very painful am 14 weeks now. I now why its happening but does anyone have any suggestions on how to ease the pain? I have tried hot and cold cloths also wore sports bra but nothing has worked so far.

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 20 Feb 2017 - 16:08

    I have this pricking sensations from time to time in my vagina area, I am 14 weeks now and 1st time. I don't have any bleeding. Pls help. Is it normal to have such sensations happening.

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 20 Feb 2017 - 16:17

    Hello and congratulations on your pregnancy!
    It is quite normal to feel unusual sensations in your pelvic and pubic area during pregnancy. However if you are finding the sensation painful or it is becoming more severe please visit your GP for advice soon.

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 18 Feb 2017 - 20:32

    I am 14 weeks and this is my 3 rd I can feel gentle movements. I have also been very sick with a cold I have been on antibiotics but they didn't work. I also took Robittussin but it made me sick, and I stopped taking it. Now, I have a lot of congestion in my nose, ears, chest, I can't smell or taste and I have a bad headache from coughing so long and it's not going away. Please help

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 20 Feb 2017 - 09:30

    Congratulations on your pregnancy - I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well and struggling with what sounds like a bad cold.
    Please visit your GP/DR for a check up and advice regarding how you are feeling.
    Best of Luck and hope you get better soon.

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 16 Feb 2017 - 22:05

    Hi,I m 14 weeks pregnant, this is my 2 pregnancy,,,my first boy baby is 17 months old,, taking breastfeeding,,,my blood pressure is low Nd feeling tired Nd panic headache,,,what can I do for increasing our blood pressure normal,plzzz give me some advise...

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 17 Feb 2017 - 11:11

    We would not necessarily advise ways to increase blood pressure however keeping hydrated is really important especially that you are breastfeeding whilst you are pregnant, try to be drinking at least 1.8 litres of water each day if you can. It is also important to check your iron levels, this will have been checked when you had bloods taken at your booking appointment so check with your midwife that these are high enough or else you may need some iron supplements. Also try to eat little and often throughout the day to avoid any highs and lows with your sugar levels. I hope this helps, if you continue to feel light headed and dizzy after trying these things then see your midwife again for a review. Take care, Tommy's midwives

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 15 Feb 2017 - 08:29

    I m a nursing mom of 8mnths old baby girl but now I gt to knw that I m pregnant with 13w 4d I didn't get Any symtoms of pregnancy only I was worried abt my tummy size was increasing accept this no symptoms were shown till now so my question is should I continue nursing my Lil one or should I stop....

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 15 Feb 2017 - 13:21

    Congratulations on your pregnancy - I hope you are keeping well.
    In regards to your query it is safe to continue breast-feeding while pregnant — as long as you're careful about eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of fluids. Sometimes breastfeeding may lead to some uterine contractions, which in a healthy pregnancy is fine but please check with your midwife or Dr if you are concerned.

    As your pregnancy progresses be prepared for changes your nursing child might notice. Although breast milk continues to be nutritionally sound throughout pregnancy, the content of your breast milk will change — which might change the way your milk tastes. In addition, your milk production is likely to decrease as your pregnancy progresses.
    Your health visitor can offer advice and support regarding breastfeeding and weaning too if you have any concerns.

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 25 Jan 2017 - 23:20

    I am 14 weeks pregnant and have had large amounts of watery vaginal discharge for several weeks. I sometimes worry that I am leaking amniotic fluid as at times I notice the discharge passing into my underwear intermittently. Is there any way to reassure myself that my waters haven't broken?

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 26 Jan 2017 - 14:21

    Hi Increased vaginal discharge is normal in pregnancy. It is usually clear or milky in colour. If you notice any bleeding or foul smelling discharge you should contact your GP or midwife. This link will take you to our page on what to look for.

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 25 Jan 2017 - 13:08

    Hi thank you for your comment.
    Have you had your first scan yet? If you have I imagine you saw your baby moving about! Most women wont actually feel movements until they reach 16-24 weeks of pregnancy. If it is your first baby then this may be nearer to 24 weeks, or if it is a second or subsequent pregnancy you might recognise a movement nearer to 16 weeks.
    Women describe movements in a variety of ways flutters, bubbles, swishes, rolls or kicks. Initially they may be fleeting and you might think you've imagined it but as your baby grows the movements become more distinct and your baby will develop his or her own pattern that you will become familiar with after 24 weeks.
    I hope this helps, have a great pregnancy
    Tommy's Midwives

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 24 Jan 2017 - 14:18

    m 14 weeks pregnant yet av not start noticing my baby movement

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 23 Jan 2017 - 12:37

    I am 14 weeks and have had horrible excessive saliva since 8 weeks. Im looking forward to the day this end. Is there any hope for me or am I stuck with it until the end?

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 23 Jan 2017 - 13:02

    Hi Nicole.
    It is fairly common for pregnant women to produce more saliva than they do normally, especially early on in pregnancy. Some women may experience excessive saliva, known as ptyalism, hypersalivation or sialorrhea. This is especially likely if you are also suffering from frequent or severe nausea and vomiting.There is no single cure or guaranteed treatment for ptyalism. But you may be able to ease symptoms of hypersalivation.
    For instance, you could try eating smaller but more frequent meals,
    brushing your teeth and using mouthwash several times a day,
    chewing sugarless gum or sucking on hard sweets and/or
    taking frequent, small sips of water.
    Any strategies that help you reduce nausea may also help with ptyalism.
    I do hope that this helps you a little! All the best

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 3 Jan 2017 - 15:58

    Ginger root tea can work very well for nausea in pregnancy for some women! However ensure you do not take more than 3g of raw ginger a day & if you take it for more than three weeks, your GP will need to do a blood test to check your clotting, as ginger can have an effect on this! It is therefore advisable that if you do have a clotting disorder, or are on anti-coagulant drugs (e.g warfarin or aspirin), you should avoid ginger altogether

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 19 Dec 2016 - 02:45

    I'm 14 weeks 2 days man I be feeling pain my left side it's start when I'm about 14 weeks and

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 19 Dec 2016 - 09:37

    Hi Yasmine. Any abdominal pain in pregnancy needs to be reviewed as soon as possible. Especially if you've had the pain for two days now!
    It might be stretching ligaments as your baby grows, but it is always worth getting it checked out to be safe.
    Look after yourself.

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 29 Nov 2016 - 10:35

    The sickness normally subsides as the hormone levels readjust on entering the second trimester,however some mums suffer throughout the pregnancy & symptoms may reduce or remain the same. All pregnancies are different! Your GP/Midwife will be monitoring you and may take some blood tests to ensure there is no other cause for the sickness, so don't worry. Please contact one of our Midwives for a chat on 0800 0147 800 if you are still concerned. A Midwife is here from 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 29 Nov 2016 - 01:43

    I feel sick all the time and alot of different smells make me throw up. This is baby number 4 for me and it's my hardest Pregnancy.

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 24 Dec 2016 - 05:24

    you can take ginger root tea. It works great ! Hope you feel better.

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