5 easy breakfast ideas in pregnancy

There are plenty of delicious foods to choose from during pregnancy that are good for you and your baby.

Breakfast is important so do it like a king. Take the time to chop some fruit for these easy ideas for a healthy breakfast.

Having a good breakfast gives you the energy you need to start your day and can be a quick and easy way to take in some valuable nutrients. This is even more important when you're pregnant.

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Porridge with fruit

You could sprinkle sliced fresh fruit or berries onto the porridge, add a handful of dried fruits or have a piece of fruit on the side.

Porridge with fruit

Wholemeal toast or bagel

Have it with jam or Marmite, and add a glass of milk.


Shredded wheat

Make sure it's sugar-free and have it with milk and a banana or other fruit of your choice.

Shredded Wheat

Scrambled egg

You can now have lightly cooked eggs so long as they are Red Lion standard. Try scrambled egg with grilled tomatoes and wholemeal bagel.

Scrambled Egg


You can try any fresh or tinned-in-juice fruit and plain yoghurt with wholemeal toast on the side.

Fruit with yoghurt








A note on eggs:  In 2016 the ACMSF found that the presence of salmonella in UK hen shell eggs has been reduced greatly – therefore it is recommending that the UK guidance is changed so that lightly cooked hen eggs are now safe to eat provided that they are produced under the Lion code quality assurance scheme. 

Download your free guide to a healthy diet in pregnancy here

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  • By shahzkips (not verified) on 3 Jul 2018 - 18:08

    Hi, am about 5 weeks pregnant , whenever i take food my stomach pains especially a mango but it is my favourite at this state...also when i laid on my left it pains more. Pliz help

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 4 Jul 2018 - 16:10

    Hi Shahzkips
    Abdominal pain, at any gestation, should be reviewed by your GP and then in an early pregnancy unit if the GP has referred you.
    Please get seen by a doctor as soon as possible please to put your mind at ease.
    All the best
    Sophie,Tommy's Midwife :)

  • By Phindile (not verified) on 5 Apr 2018 - 14:55

    I am 12 weeks pregnant nausea is killing me

  • By Angel (not verified) on 18 Apr 2018 - 09:03

    Heya congrats I am 8 weeks and I have horrible nausea and morning sickness.i found out vitamin c candy like a toffee that I rem when my mouth is watery that's really works.brand name is woogie fine drops lemon flavour you can get this if you are around uk.its cheap and you can get any store let me know how it works or you .

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 19 Apr 2018 - 15:41

    Hi Thank you for your comment, it is great when women share what works for them as pregnancy sickness can be really hard to manage at times. Hope all goes well with your pregnancy, take care, Tommy's Midwives x

  • By Habiba muhd (not verified) on 14 Mar 2018 - 08:19

    Hi am 6 weeks pregnant I use to have pain all over my stomach and I have two miscarriages passed what is the cost of the pain pls help

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 15 Mar 2018 - 16:09

    Hi, I am so sorry to hear that you have experienced two miscarriages. If you are having a lot of pain then I would advise for you to see your GP for review, hopefully it is just from the pregnancy implanting however it is better to be reviewed to make sure nothing else is going on. Best wishes, Tommy's midwives.

  • By Tiffany black (not verified) on 20 Jan 2018 - 22:25

    Hello im nealry 6 weeks pregnant and would like to know what foods to start eating each day while pregnant please

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 22 Jan 2018 - 14:17

    Hi, We don't advise any particular foods to eat, rather focus on food groups to include in your diet and foods to avoid in pregnancy. Your diet will vary according to your preferences and what you are used to. Try out some of the recipes on this page and see if you like them.

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