Geri Horner is pregnant at 44 and glowing!

Last week the 44 year-old former Spice Girl revealed that she’s expecting a child with her husband Christian Horner. Our midwife Nikki explains that while it’s more difficult, many women still conceive naturally and have healthy pregnancies over 40.

After announcing her pregnancy last week, Geri has said that while she really wanted a child with her husband Christian, her age meant she hardly believed it would ever happen. Ginger Spice revealed her pregnancy with a cryptic drawing she posted on social media:

The caption: 'God bless Mother Nature' hints that Geri conceived naturally. It is true that fertility does decline with age, but many women conceive naturally aged over 40 and go on to have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. Although women who become pregnant after 35 are more likely to experience complications, they are also monitored more closely throughout their pregnancy to ensure that any problems are picked up and treated.

Our midwife Nikki explains:

"In Geri's case having another sibling will be fun for her daughter, but she’s likely to find this pregnancy more tiring than when she was younger. Unfortunately she’ll be twice as likely to experience complications in pregnancy including high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. But she will be more closely monitored this pregnancy due to her age so these complications, if they occur, will be picked up and treated early. It is important to remember that plenty of women in their 40's have trouble-free, healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. It's great to see Geri so happy and glowing!"

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