Baby Loss Awareness Week- Lewis's story

Lewis writes about his journey and why he chooses to run for #TeamTommys.

Tommy's supporter story by Lewis, 

I wanted my story to be shared because I didn’t want people to feel the way I did, I felt for so long that our story was rare, was targeted and we were alone.

After being involved with Tommy's I realised this wasn’t the case, that there were other families, women and men who were exactly the same as us, that these things happen so often and something needs to change, fast.

I found as a man that it was really difficult to share my feelings, especially with other men, so to read some of the inspirational men out there, doing their best to save babies lives, that made me want to stand up and help prevent this happening ever again.

People are amazing, there is no end to the things people will do to help others, I want to be even half as brave as some of you, together we can help future babies.

It’s important to talk and to realise you aren’t alone.



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