Baby loss stories

Thank you to the parents who are helping to #breakthesilence by sharing their stories of babies lost during pregnancy or afterwards.

  • Danielle

    Third time lucky at 25+5 weeks: our miracle Lukas

    November 9th, 2018

    If there is only one thing you take away from reading my story and Lukas’s, please take away 'hope'.

  • Chantelle Willoughby

    Gabriel our little Fighter

    November 7th, 2018

    Gabriel has also brought our family closer together as he has touched all of our hearts. Its not easy to talk about our loss or our love but we know we aren't the only ones suffering and dealing with this.

  • Story of Miscourage

    Missed misscarriage

    November 7th, 2018

    We were all so devastated and having to tell my eldest broke my heart.

  • Amy Ditchburn

    Breaking my silence

    November 7th, 2018

    It still breaks my heart now thinking about it and it was 7 years ago.

  • Story of Miscourage

    Weeping Willow

    November 7th, 2018

    I’d had no signs of a miscarriage. No bleeding. No pain.It was such a shock of the worst kind.

  • Our Miscarriage Story

    Our Miscarriage Story

    October 30th, 2018

    From the second we found out we were pregnant, we found this strength within us as parents. That strength will never leave us.

  • Rainbow

    Rainbow after a storm

    October 29th, 2018

    I found that each pregnancy was overshadowed by a cloud of doubt.

  • Baby-loss-stories

    How an accident broke my heart

    October 29th, 2018

    I felt like I was doing everything right. Staying healthy and informed throughout the process.

  • Lana_Story_Submission

    Beautiful Ivy

    October 26th, 2018

    18.5 hours our daughter lived, but it wasn't as straight forward as "living" was it. She never truly lived.

  • Baby-loss-stories

    A story of baby loss

    October 26th, 2018

    The nurses gave us the privacy that we needed. It was an exhausting day.


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