Baby loss stories

Thank you to the parents who are helping to #breakthesilence by sharing their stories of babies lost during pregnancy or afterwards.

    • Mum holding baby up close to her face

      Our little boy wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Tommy’s pioneering research

      August 3rd, 2020

      Gaynor and Ben from Yorkshire were devastated when their daughter Kallipateira was stillborn in 2018. Sadly, their second pregnancy ended in miscarriage in 2019. Gaynor self-referred to Tommy’s Rainbow Clinic in Manchester later that year and was supported by Professor Heazell through her third pregnancy. Their healthy rainbow baby Apollon was born during lockdown in 2020.

    • Planned pregnancy ending in termination for medical reasons

      Grieving your baby after termination for medical reasons

      July 10th, 2020

      Aletta is 34 and lives with her husband in London, where she teaches Pilates. The couple fell pregnant quickly when they started trying to conceive, but then faced the news that their baby had a rare disability and the heart-wrenching decision of a termination for medical reasons.

    • Esme

      Stillbirth and explaining baby loss to children

      July 10th, 2020

      Frankie's first pregnancy was low risk, largely problem free. At 38 weeks and 2 days, Frankie experienced reduced movements and sadly baby Esme was stillborn. With small children in her wider family, Frankie turned to books to try and explain the tragic loss of Esme - but couldn't find anything suitable. It was then that she created the beautifully illustrated book 'These Precious Little People', for families affected by the death of a baby.

    • Rebekah was filled with questions after her son Freddie was stillborn

      Finding support and mental well-being after baby loss

      July 10th, 2020

      In this blog, Rebekah opens up about how pregnancy complications and baby loss affected her mental health, having been diagnosed with PTSD after an early miscarriage and the stillbirth of her son Freddie.

    • Helen and Rick with rainbow baby Parker thanks to Tommy's miscarriage clinic

      The darker the storm, the brighter the rainbow

      June 19th, 2020

      Helen and Rick had a long and difficult journey to parenthood, with several rounds of fertility treatment and a heart-breaking late miscarriage before their rainbow baby Parker arrived at Tommy’s Birmingham clinic.

    • Rob

      Grief as a dad and parenting after loss

      June 18th, 2020

      Rob is an engineer and lives in Northampton with his wife Kate and their daughter Elsie. In this blog, he reflects on coping with the death of son Theo and how this loss has changed him.

    • James

      I was consumed by guilt that I hadn't undergone the physical pain she had

      June 15th, 2020

      James and his wife have sadly lost four babies since they started trying to conceive in 2017. In this blog, James reflects on miscarriage from a partner’s perspective, and the complex emotions that Father’s Day stirs up when grieving your children.

    • Craig

      Our rainbow baby reminds us of our never forgotten son

      June 15th, 2020

      Craig, 36, lives in North Wales with his fiancée Kerry and her 6-year-old son Jacob. His job as a radio presenter and station director was difficult after the loss of their baby boy Ellis, having to entertain listeners while battling grief, but he’s now using his talent for public speaking to break the silence on miscarriage by sharing their family’s story.

    • The Rainbow Clinic made a huge difference to our lives

      June 15th, 2020

      Fran and Doug from London found out they were expecting their first baby in 2018. Their daughter Beth sustained severe brain damage during birth and died several days later. Throughout Fran’s next pregnancy, she was supported by Professor Alex Heazell at the Rainbow Clinic in Manchester. Baby Dominic was born via C-section in February this year.

    • Jonathan

      Conquering grief by sharing it

      June 15th, 2020

      Jonathan is 27 and lives in Wigan with his wife Michaela. Jonathan is a father to his son, Zachary, born sleeping, and his daughter, Amelie Autumn, who was born on 16 June 2020.


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