Baby loss stories

Thank you to the parents who are helping to #breakthesilence by sharing their stories of babies lost during pregnancy or afterwards.

    • A lady holding a newborn baby in hospital

      “I was a broken mess and I felt like my grief was wrong because it wasn’t a real baby, like I was being dramatic, over-the-top.”

      January 15th, 2020

      Toni and her husband Matt had a miscarriage in 2015 which left Toni with PTSD. The couple live in Leicester with daughters Phoebe and Willow. This is Toni's story.

    • Woman holding baby toy

      Like many others in my position, I questioned myself – was it something I had done?

      January 10th, 2020

      Hayley and Martin from West Yorkshire fell pregnant with their first child, Ike, in February 2019. Sadly, their son was stillborn at 26 weeks. Hayley and Martin never found out the cause of Ike’s death, making it even harder to come to terms with their loss. This is their story.

    • We will always remember our angel baby

      January 7th, 2020

      Sarah and her husband sadly experienced a miscarriage at 21 weeks. They met their baby boy, Alex, after he was born, and still treasure the images and footprints captured by their midwife. This is Alex’s story.

    • I can’t wait to tell my little boy why he’s called Tommy

      December 23rd, 2019

      Charley, 35, from Edinburgh was amazed when she found out she was pregnant in 2018. She’d been warned that pregnancy might be difficult for her as, a few years before, she’d had 3 procedures to remove abnormal cells from her cervix. After a worrying bleed at 10 weeks, Charley was referred to Tommy’s Lothian Preterm Birth Clinic at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. With access to specialist care and monitoring, Charley’s pregnancy progressed, and baby Tommy was born in May 2019.

    • Our world had been shattered in a matter of moments

      December 20th, 2019

      Katrina and her husband Joseph had their first child, Caroline, in 2014, before becoming pregnant with their second child, April Rey, in 2017. Due to complications with the pregnancy, Katrina and Joseph made the incredibly difficult decision to have a termination for medical reasons. They went on to have their third child, William, in 2018. This is April Rey's story.

    • Molar pregnancy stories

      Molar pregnancy stories

      December 11th, 2019

      A molar pregnancy is very rare. It happens when something goes wrong during fertilsation which stops the baby and placenta from developing properly. A molar pregnancy shouldn’t impact your future fertility and most women go on to have a healthy pregnancy afterwards. Read the stories from women who have been there.

    • Early miscarriage stories

      Early miscarriage stories

      December 11th, 2019

      Women share their stories of early miscarriage.

    • Recurrent miscarriage stories

      Recurrent miscarriage stories

      December 11th, 2019

      Women share stories about their recurrent miscarriages.

    • Missed miscarriage stories

      Missed miscarriage stories

      December 11th, 2019

      Women share their stories of missed miscarriages.

    • Late miscarriage stories

      Late miscarriage stories

      December 11th, 2019

      People share their stories of late miscarriage.


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