Baby loss stories

Thank you to the parents who are helping to #breakthesilence by sharing their stories of babies lost during pregnancy or afterwards.

    • Molar pregnancy stories

      Molar pregnancy stories

      December 11th, 2019

      A molar pregnancy is very rare. It happens when something goes wrong during fertilsation which stops the baby and placenta from developing properly. A molar pregnancy shouldn’t impact your future fertility and most women go on to have a healthy pregnancy afterwards. Read the stories from women who have been there.

    • Early miscarriage stories

      Early miscarriage stories

      December 11th, 2019

      Women share their stories of early miscarriage.

    • Recurrent miscarriage stories

      Recurrent miscarriage stories

      December 11th, 2019

      Women share stories about their recurrent miscarriages.

    • Missed miscarriage stories

      Missed miscarriage stories

      December 11th, 2019

      Women share their stories of missed miscarriages.

    • Late miscarriage stories

      Late miscarriage stories

      December 11th, 2019

      People share their stories of late miscarriage.

    • Stillbirth stories

      Stillbirth stories

      December 11th, 2019

      A stillbirth is the death of a baby after 24 weeks of pregnancy. These are stories from our supporters about their experiences of stillbirth

    • Miscarriage stories

      Miscarriage stories

      December 11th, 2019

      Your stories about miscarriage

    • A man and woman holding a baby in a long white christening gown at a church

      We were made to feel like there was nothing that could be done

      December 6th, 2019

      Kirsty and Paul from Preston had 3 miscarriages before they were referred to the Tommy’s National Centre for Miscarriage Research at Birmingham Women’s Hospital. In January 2019, Kirsty gave birth to Alice Ivy.

    • A pink rose

      Faith, gratitude and healing

      December 6th, 2019

      Katie sadly lost two babies before falling pregnant with her third child. In this piece, Katie speaks of the heartbreak she faced, and reflects on her road to recovery.

    • A close up image of a woman holding a newborn baby

      Tommy’s midwives were my lifeline

      November 25th, 2019

      Holly and Peter, who experienced recurrent miscarriage, had a missed miscarriage before becoming pregnant with their daughter Millie, who is now 4 years old. In 2017, they found out they were expecting again but sadly lost their baby, Sophie, at 14 weeks. After another 2 missed miscarriages, their second rainbow baby Finley arrived.


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