We'd had no time to prepare or deal with anything

I wasn't told what to expect and I write this the day after. It hurt, mentally and physically.

Georgi's story of #misCOURAGE

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December 2016

Georgi Smith

It was at my first scan that we had the devastating news; there was no heartbeat. We were referred to the Early Pregnancy Unit but told to keep positive, as it was more than likely we had got the dates wrong.

My husband and I went a week, convinced everything was okay. A week later, the midwife asked when we'd had the positive pregnancy test and bluntly told us we'd miscarried for definite.

We'd had no time to prepare or deal with anything. I was given three options to continue, as my body hadn't started the miscarriage yet. I opted for the medical evac, an insensitive title considering the situation. 

I was brought back for medicine the next and a hospital visit day after. I wasn't told what to expect and I write this the day after. It hurt, mentally and physically. I suffered contractions for around 8-10 hours with no respite. It was constant, I was not given any techniques on dealing with this and I was scared. 

We were discharged after the final checks showed there was nothing left inside me and we went home. I felt sore, drained and empty. I tell this so other women are prepared. Breathe deep, breathe long and adopt a meditation technique to get through it. 

This was my first pregnancy but I know I will heal and we will try again, despite the experience.

Im still mourning the loss of my little angel, but I know each day will get easier.

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