Sleep tight my babies

After 9 long months we got an appointment to be told after lots of tests on both of us yet again, "it's just bad luck," "you're both fine."

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#misCOURAGE story, 25/01/2016, by Caroline

As like most newly weds we just thought getting pregnant was the next step, how very wrong we were.

I very easily fell pregnant but miscarried at 10 weeks.

3 months later pregnant again and miscarried once again.

After my 3rd the hospital finally ran tests and we were told your perfectly healthy so keep trying.

Anyone who has been through this knows it's not what you want to hear.

I lost a few friends on my "journey" as it was not helpful to hear, "it's not really a baby" or " everything happens for a reason"

My husband was my rock thank god and it's brought us closer together.

I went on to have my 4th miscarriage after having to take aspirin daily and inject myself with heparin even although no known reason as to why, I would have done anything I was told to do.

After my 4th I read about professor Regan's recurrent miscarriage clinic in London and as my consultant to be referred.

After 9 long months we got an appointment to be told after lots of tests on both of us yet again, "it's just bad luck" "you're both fine"
"Medicine doesn't know why yet"

Sadly I gave up then my life was unbearable for years always tinged with sadness.

8 yrs on I'm in a better headspace, I will never ever get over it but time does heal.

This experience changed me as a person but maybe for the better.

Sleep tight my babies xxxxx

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