Our Rainbow after 4 Storms

It took a number of months for me to get my head around what had happened and we finally decided to start trying again in the October of that year, we were extremely lucky again to fall pregnant straight away in the November.

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Story of #miscourage by Amy Hawtin, 


After getting married in September 2013 me and James my husband decided to start trying for a baby that Christmas.

We were lucky to fall pregnant quite quickly and were excited to go for our 12 week scan in July 2014. A week before our scan whilst on holiday in Spain I began to bleed, after suffering a miscarriage a few years earlier we obviously panicked straight away and then our worst fears came true at a scan at the local hospital which confirmed we had suffered a missed miscarriage at that moment all our dreams of our first baby all fell apart, we were sent back to our house in Spain for the miscarriage to complete naturally.

It took a number of months for me to get my head around what had happened and we finally decided to start trying again in the October of that year, we were extremely lucky again to fall pregnant straight away in the November. Understandably we had so many fears surrounding this pregnancy but our Local midwife did everything to keep us as calm as possible. We made it to our 12 week scan and all looked to be progressing perfectly which was such a relief to both me and James and our families. at 13 weeks I began to bleed once again but another scan confirmed that the pregnancy was still developing and the baby was growing. I continued to bleed up until our 20 week scan and had convinced myself that something wasn't quite right.

On entering the scan room we had mixed emotions of both fear and excitement, nearing the end of the scan it was clear that the radiographer had picked up on some problems with the baby. We were then told that our baby wasn't growing correctly and looked to have some health problems that needed to be looked at more closely. We were then transferred to the fetal medicine unit at St Mary's where a number of scans and tests were performed over the coming weeks, all these confirmed that our baby was very poorly but we still did not know to what extent it was then that we decided to have an amniocentesis .

The results from our amnio came through on Monday the 23rd March and that moment will never leave us we received a call to say our baby had Triploidy a rare chromosomal illness that is incompatible with life. Our world at that point entirely fell apart, and on Friday 27th March I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy Named Chester Nigel Hawtin born sleeping. 
After 4 months of trying to get our heads around what had happened and grieving for our Baby boy we decided to try again unfortunately this pregnancy also ended in an early miscarriage at 6 weeks.

At this point we were referred to St Marys in Manchester to attend their recurrent miscarriage clinic, after 6 months of testing and scans we were informed that I had sticky blood syndrome which meant that the pregnancies were not able to attach to the lining of my womb.

In August 2016 we found out we were pregnant again and went straight back to St Marys to begin treatment for the sticky blood along side the pregnancy I was started on Clexane injections of which I would do daily throughout my whole pregnancy. We were over the moon when we got to out 20 week scan and everything looked perfect with the baby and we were expecting another baby boy. And after 35 anxious weeks we finally welcomed our beautiful rainbow baby Jasper James Chester Hawtin born on the 25th February this year. We definitely feel like Chester and our other 3 angel babies watched over us and Jasper throughout the pregnancy.

Since losing Chester we have held a coffee morning and a dinner dance and are currently planning another ball for this winter in Memory of Chester and to raise as much money as possible for Tommy's a charity that means so much to us and I believe the main reason I have our beautiful rainbow sat on my knee whilst I type this.

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