I tried to just shrug it of as 'one of those things that happens'

Months later I was a mess and had really bad anxiety, it almost felt like post natal depression.

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November 2016

Danielle Thompson

Having got married in June 2015 we decided to try for a baby straight after. Luckily for us it didn't take much trying and I fell pregnant more or less straight away. 

At 8 weeks I booked in with the midwife, filled out my green notes and went for blood tests, this wasn't a new experience as we already have a 4 year old son!

Later that same day I went to the toilet and noticed a very faint, small amount of blood! I called the EPU and they booked me in for a scan 2 days later, I continued to bleed but not majorly so was trying to remain positive! 

The day arrived and I went for my scan that morning. The scan confirmed I was pregnant but I was measuring at 5 weeks 3 days so therefore they couldn't detect a heartbeat ( to small) and couldn't confirm that it was a failed pregnancy, I had to go back in 2 weeks!

I was told to expect the worst and I may start to bleed heavier and pass clots! 

At this point I knew..... I was suppose to be 8 weeks pregnant!! Not 5!!!!! That didn't add up!! 

I went home, devastated and gradually the bleeding got heavier and the pains got worse! I miscarried two days later!! 

I didn't show much emotion, I tried to just shrug it of as 'one of those things that happens' . Months later I was a mess and had really bad anxiety, it almost felt like post natal depression!! 

I spoke with friends and visited the Dr. 

I decided not to try for a baby again for a while, I couldn't face going through another miscarriage! 

Nearly a year later, we decided to give it another go and like before fell pregnant straight away! I had been taking folic acid weeks before conception in the hope this would help baby!! 

I was thrilled that I was pregnant again and to too it off so was my sister-in-law..... we would have babies near the same time! 

I made an appointment with the midwife but 1 week before I had that same spotting again when I went to the toilet!! I tried to remain calm as I thought this couldn't possibly happen again!! After all we already have a healthy child and that pregnancy was textbook!!!! 

I went for an early scan and like before I was measuring at 5 weeks 5 days, I did the maths and this could be correct from time of ovulation so I tried not to worry!!

The bleeding was very minor and stopped no sooner had it started so I really wasn't worried! 2 weeks later I went for another scan, this time I was excited as I believed everything was going to be ok!

The consultant that carried out the scan was very quiet which made me nervous, I couldn't see the screen and then the dreaded I'm sorry Danielle!!!!!!!! 

I was gutted, this was a total shock, I truest believed this pregnancy was fine, I still had symptoms of morning sickness!! 

I as told it was a delayed misscarriage as by this time I should of been 9 weeks! 

I decided to go with the medical option to was sent home with tablets that I had to inset into my vagina, the pain I later experienced was horrid!! 

I was a mess, what's wrong with me!? I have a child so know I can do this?! Why is this happening to me?!! 

The support from my husband, family and friends has been great! I couldn't of done this without them!! 

I am currently under Prof Quenby, waiting on blood results and hopefully have some answers and options as to what to do next soon!!

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