We can never truly repay Tommy's for making her possible

After 5 devastating losses, Danielle and Ed took part in our PRISM trial. They welcomed rainbow baby Georgia in 2020.

My first 2 losses

My husband Ed and I met at work almost 10 years ago now. We didn’t even like each other at first! But a few years later, we actually got to know each other and became really good friends. Then we even realised we had feelings for one and other.

My first 2 losses were within 6 months of each other, which was tough. They happened during a previous relationship which eventually broke down.

'It's just one of those things.'

Following this, Ed and I had begun dating and I had a 3rd miscarriage in July 2018, of which after this I was referred to my local hospital for tests. They weren’t great and discharged me with the same old “its one of those things” kind of sayings. I was desperate to be a Mum. Upset, we went to our GP who then referred us to Tommy’s.

Everything changed when we got referred to Tommy's.

Our referral to Tommy's 

While we were waiting for our first appointment, we did miscarry again for a 4th time. Although our miscarriage was heartbreaking, it was worth the wait for such an incredible team. Dr Craciunas and Nurse Oonagh were amazing and we felt in very good hands.

We had several blood tests, scans and had an endometrial scratch but nothing brought back any concrete answers. Dr Craciunas saw a pattern in my womb lining being thin, so we tried different hormones to try and thicken this. unfortunately this didn’t work and I miscarried again in February 2019.

The PRISM trial

The only things that really got us through was hope, and each other. We made sure we were each other’s rock and always talked about what was going through our heads. We didn’t want either of us to be alone with our thoughts and it really got us through. That, and the fact when we were at breaking point Dr Craciunas said “we will not give up on you” – words we really needed to hear!

Taking part in the PRISM trial was tough. We had hit so many dead ends and felt like every time we took the 4 hour round trip to the clinic we were met with bad news. However, we were willing to try anything at this point and was very keen to get on board.

Baby Georgia

Meeting Georgia

On the first time of trying this, we fell pregnant. We found out a week after we got engaged and it was so hard to remain in our happy bubble, as we expected bad news. Little did we know that the days would turn to weeks and then months until little Georgia was born in March 2020. She was SO worth the wait!

She is a little ray of sunshine and makes us laugh every day with her cheekiness! She loves playing with her babies, is obsessed with the colour yellow and eats us out of house and home!

To me, a rainbow baby feels like a sense of hope. It is possible to have that light at the end of the tunnel and the beautiful, colourful happiness they bring along with them.

Georgia smiling

Thank you to Tommy's

We can never truly repay Tommy's for making Georgia possible. They just didn't give up.

Our local hospital were quick to discharge us with the same old 'it's one of those things' but Tommy's took us seriously and kept trying and trying until something worked. They were so compassionate and determined, we always felt in safe hands. It was a 4 hour round trip to us, that we made monthly to see our consultant but it was worth it every time.

I'm running the London Landmarks Half Marathon 2024 for Tommy's to try and give something back to those who looked after us.