Rainbow Baby Day 2023

This Rainbow Baby Day, we’re celebrating the beautiful babies born thanks to Tommy’s ground-breaking research and care – all made possible with your generous support.

What is Rainbow Baby Day?

Tuesday 22 August is Rainbow Baby Day – a moment to think about all the rainbow babies in the world, as well as taking the time honour the siblings who came before them and sadly aren't with us.

For us, Rainbow Baby Day is also an opportunity to celebrate the beautiful babies born thanks to the hard work taking place at our research centres and clinics. 

Our researchers, clinicians and midwives are working tirelessly to understand the causes of pregnancy complications and loss. With their groundbreaking findings and specialist care, they’ve helped thousands of families bring home their rainbow baby after experiencing the heartbreak of loss.

Meet some of our Tommy’s rainbows

Without your support, our teams wouldn't be bringing rainbow babies like Evelyn, Tetteh-Kwei and Ayélé-Tia, Georgia and Rumi into the world each year.

Would you like to help fund more vital research which will make pregnancy and birth safe for all? Find out how you can get involved below.

Support us this Rainbow Baby Day

  • Take part in our Rainbow Challenge

    Little ones can get sponsored to walk, crawl or travel in a buggy dressed in their brightest, most colourful clothes, spotting the 7 colours of the rainbow along the way. Help us bring more rainbow babies into the world.
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  • Donate to our work

    The rainbow babies born thanks to the teams at our research centres and clinics wouldn't be here without your generous support. Help us care for more families by donating towards our work.
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  • Buy a rainbow muslin

    To mark Rainbow Baby Day, we've added special new rainbow muslins to the Tommy's shop. If you'd like to support our work, why not buy a pack for yourself or as a gift for a loved one?
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Meet Emilie, Specialist Midwife at our Rainbow Clinic

Here at Tommy’s, we’re so proud of all the incredible people who make us Tommy’s – from researchers to midwives to fundraisers and more.

Ahead of Rainbow Baby Day, we spoke to Emilie to find out about her job and what a rainbow baby means to her. Since joining us in October, Emilie has helped countless families get one step closer to taking home their rainbow babies.

Emilie stood smiling next to a sign that reads: Welcome to Tommy's Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre

A rainbow baby

We use the phrase 'rainbow baby' because it's widely recognised to refer to a baby born after a previous loss during or after pregnancy, but we understand some parents prefer not to use this term.

They might think it over-simplifies the complex experience of pregnancy after loss, or believe it doesn't reflect the trauma or anxiety which often stays with parents long after their baby has arrived safely. They also might not want to think of the siblings they've lost as 'storms', but rather as much-loved babies from much-wanted pregnancies.

We also know that Rainbow Baby Day can be tough for some of you in our community. Wherever you are on your journey, we want you to know that we see you and we’re here for you.

If you're struggling after a loss, or need support as a new parent or parent-to-be, you can find helpful resources below.

We’re here for you this Rainbow Baby Day

  • Parenting after loss

    If you've lost a baby or babies in the past, you might feel particularly anxious about being or becoming a parent. Read our information and advice on coping with parenting after loss.
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  • Baby loss support

    If you're on your fertility journey at the moment, we understand this week might be difficult. Our resources are here to help you cope with the pain of losing a baby, including pages on trying again after a loss.
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