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6 weeks pregnant – all you need to know

By the end of this week your baby will have grown to the size of an orange pip.

Week 6 infographic.

What does my baby look like?

Your baby looks more like a tadpole than a baby right now, because their back is curved and they have a tail.

Your baby’s heart started beating at 24 days. There’s a bulge where their heart is going to develop. Even at this very early stage, the heartbeat can sometimes be found on a vaginal ultrasound scan.

There’s also a bump where the brain and head are going to grow. Tiny dimples on this bump soon turn into ears and you can see a thick area where the eyes are going to form.

Your baby is covered with a very thin layer of translucent skin.

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Your pregnancy symptoms in week 6

Are you suffering from cramps, constipation or dizzy spells? Find out about 10 common pregnancy complaints (and how to avoid them). 

Morning sickness

One of the hardest things to cope with in the first trimester is morning sickness. Don’t be fooled by the name, the nausea can hit you at any time of the day. Some women get it and some don’t, some get it in one pregnancy and not the next or vice versa. Researchers have not been able to find the cause of it.

Even if you feel terrible, you don’t need to worry about the baby unless you can’t keep anything at all down. Your baby will get everything he needs from you.

'When I had morning sickness, the only thing that made me feel better was drinking tonic water, although it made me throw up. It took me a long time after giving birth to want a G&T again!' 

Louise, mum of two

Morning sickness remedies

These are some things that women have said have helped them, though there is little research to prove that they work. There is no tried and tested morning sickness remedy other than time.

  • Sparkling water
  • Sucking ice cubes
  • Small frequent meals
  • Travel wristbands
  • Foods and drinks that contain ginger (like ginger biscuits, chamomile and ginger tea, ginger ale and crystallised ginger).

If you find you can't keep anything down, speak to a doctor or midwife.

Pregnancy headaches?

Some women suffer with horrible headaches in pregnancy, which can sometimes be caused by hormones or dehydration. Find out more about how much water you should drink in pregnancy.

The following tips might help:

  • Try to rest when you can
  • Find ways to relax, like pregnancy yoga. Our 10 tips to help you relax in pregnancy is a good place to start. 
  • If you need painkillers, make sure you take the recommended dose.
  • Paracetamol is usually safe to take in pregnancy - but not all pain relief is so if you're thinking about a different pain killer make sure to check with your pharmacist.
  • Have a chat with your midwife or GP about pain relief.

If you have a severe headache that will not go away, it’s important you’re checked out by your GP or midwife. 

Tired and emotional?

Many women find that they get extremely tired during the first three months. Your body is working very hard so it's not surprising.

It can be difficult to cope with the tiredness, as you may not want to share the news of your pregnancy yet.

'I was so excited to be pregnant, but it also made me feel very tired. I could have slept all day and then still be tired when I woke up. It’s an exhaustion like nothing you've ever felt before.'

Louisa, mum of two

Just remember that this stage won't last forever, and the deep tiredness you're feeling usually passes when you reach the second trimester. If you can, get more sleep by going to bed earlier.

You may also feel emotional and tearful over little things, and you may find that your mood is suddenly going up and down because of the pregnancy hormones in your body. This is normal, but if you find that you are feeling sad more than you feel happy and the feeling does not go away speak to a midwife or doctor about it. You can read more about mental wellbeing in pregnancy here.

Are you suffering from anxiety and panic attacks in pregnancy

Smoking and pregnancy

If you’ve just found out you’re pregnant and have been smoking, try not to worry. If you stop smoking now it will make a big difference to your and your baby’s health. We understand it’s a challenge to quit, but there’s lots of help and support out there for you.

Get help to stop smoking.

The risks from secondhand smoke are also high. You might be surprised to learn that 80% of secondhand smoke is invisible and doesn’t smell. This means that if a smoker in your household quits, the benefits to you and your baby are huge, similar to when you stop yourself.

If you’re worried about the amount of secondhand smoke you may be taking in, you can ask your midwife for a Carbon Monoxide (CO) test.


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    Please note that these comments are monitored but not answered by Tommy’s. Please call your GP or maternity unit if you have concerns about your health or your baby’s health.
    • By Maria Sunday (not verified) on 16 Mar 2020 - 15:59

      Am six weeks pregnant and the doctor said He can't see the baby after having a light spotting and bleeding what can i do?

    • By Vicky cul (not verified) on 9 Mar 2020 - 07:58

      Hi I have been having this constant adominal discomfort and am 6weeks pregnant, don't know what could be the reason, am I having an infection or intestinal discomfort?

    • By Lesley (not verified) on 14 Dec 2019 - 19:13

      I just found out I am pregnant 10 days ago, with two home pregnancy tests. The first day of my last period was October 31. According to my Flo app I was expected to ovulate on November 14. Here is where it gets complicated. I had sex with my husband in the wee hours of November 14th because that day I was scheduled to have a LEEP to remove abnormal cells. I go through with my LEEP, and developed BV while healing so they put me on an antibiotic. I keep to doctors orders, no sex, take my meds, and then I pass my expected period start date. I don’t think much of it since so much has been going on down there. Well a week passes and I call the doctor office to ask them if the LEEP or the meds I’ve been taking can cause my period from starting. The triage nurse instructs me to take a at home pregnancy test. Before I’m even done peeing the test is showing positive. I am a fertile Mertle. I go in and have HCG tests done they come back at 5 weeks 2 days. The second count wasn’t exactly doubled so I get sent in for a transvaginal ultrasound a couple days later. Everything is were is such be. Gestational sac. Yoke. But measuring at 5 weeks 2 days... that’s what they measured me at a few days prior? Is this normal. What does this mean? Did I ovulate late? And is my recent LEEP going to effect my pregnancy? Oh and here’s another addition I’m 37. I had two healthy pregnancy’s but that was 16 and 10 years ago. I just want not worry about this pregnancy.

    • By Christine (not verified) on 1 Jan 2020 - 21:35

      I had almost the exact same scenario. I had LEEP treatment done around 1 week, my test didn’t even show at the drs office before treatment! Come to find out I was pregnant with my son who is now 10 and perfectly healthy. I worried more than I ever should have about that procedure having happened most my pregnancy.... truth is pregnancy is actually able to endure a lot. Good luck!

    • By Loveth (not verified) on 1 Nov 2019 - 13:08

      Am six weeks pregnant. And I normally feel pains in my back like a moving object. I always felt something moving in my back each time I bend down to do something. It's very complicated
      Please what should I do it's really confusing me.

    • By Ruhii (not verified) on 1 Jan 2020 - 21:04

      Please do not bend until 12 weeks ..use a small stool

    • By Evelyn (not verified) on 15 Oct 2019 - 03:07

      I went to my OB for my first appointment. Going in I was 7 weeks and 6 days given then my last period was August 22 ‘19. I had a vaginal ultrasound to confirm baby size and heartbeat. However, there was no heartbeat and Dr was having trouble seeing heart flutters. She had me hold my breath for a minute and said she may have seen some fluttering there after but still no audio on a heartbeat. Dr concluded I may be in my early week 6 and one day rather than close to 8 as originally thought. I’m nervous as i have had 4 miscarriages already. Is it possible not to hear a heartbeat at 6 weeks even though I’m reading that by this week baby should have one??? I’m scheduled for next week to have another ultrasound at week 7. I’m extremely nervous but have been praying all is well.

    • By Sam (not verified) on 21 Oct 2019 - 18:59

      Both of my pregnancies after my miscarriages, I couldn't hear the heartbeat until 8 weeks. It scared me to death!! Both are here and healthy. Stay positive!

    • By 6 weeks (not verified) on 29 Dec 2019 - 01:23

      This is my issue my very first pregnancy was in august i was 5 weeks 5 days during my first ultrasound there was a heart beat at my 8 week ultrasound no heart beat baby stopped growing at 6 weeks 2 days. But the sac grew to 14 weeks my placenta formed resulting in a missed miscarriage i had a dnc. 2 months later im pregnant i went to the hospital and they told me im 6 weeks pregnant but they couldnt find a heartbeat and since they dont have a baseline of my hcg levels that i have to get blood work in 2 days to check again, im a wreck. Im worried. And i just want things to be okay

    • By MerryAnne (not verified) on 30 Oct 2019 - 02:02

      I am in the exact same boat as you, almost to the day! But I know I ovulated twice that month, because since fertility and hormone treatments, ovulation is quite uncomfortable for me. According to my last period I should be at 8+ weeks, but the ultrasound showed 6 weeks. Could you have ovulated twice, or later than you think? Relax, de-stress, and take care of yourself, and your little bean. We’ve had two miscarriages since our little girl was born in 2017, but we’re quietly optimistic about the future - best of luck!

    • By Nelo (not verified) on 12 Sep 2019 - 00:01

      Hello, I am 5weeks plus 4days pregnant. For almost three days now I usually have this pain (bite) in my tummy. The pain last like 5 Minutes and goes off once I start walking around, take some liquid. And this pain always appear only in the night with mild cramping. What could be the possible cause of this stomach bite and how do I deal with the situation. Pls reply ASAP

    • By rhiannon (not verified) on 9 Oct 2019 - 15:24

      go to the doctor as soon as you can to see if it is an ectopic

    • By poowie (not verified) on 11 Oct 2019 - 10:27

      did yours get better since you are far along me now?

    • By Lauren (not verified) on 21 Aug 2019 - 21:06

      I’m 6weeks 5 days and today I had lower back pain on my left side, the pain was so intense and sharp that I felt like I may actually throw up. I applied a hot water bottle and the pain subsided after 30 mins.

      I’ve had some cramping on and off from left of my abdomen since then so I’m not sure if they are connected.

      Should I be worried at all?

    • By Ntlhari (not verified) on 10 Aug 2019 - 16:43

      Hi, i had a miscarriage at 12weeks on the 9th of June 2019 and i saw a much lighter than usual period on the 7th of july, today is the 10th of august and i have not yet seen my period. My breasts are fuller and heavier, im always hungry,tired and feel nausea. My cervix feels so low and firm.Last week i took a pregnancy test and it was negative, can a pregnancy test be negative while you are almost 5weeks pregnant?

    • By Anonymous (not verified) on 3 Aug 2019 - 12:07

      I am 6 weeks pregnant and yesterday I was bleeding and today I woke up with morning sickness for the first time. I am worried because I havnt had sickness at all until after I started bleeding is this a sight of miscarriage?

    • By Jude (not verified) on 25 Jun 2019 - 16:58

      This is my 3rd pregnancy in a year and I’m currently 5 weeks and 5 days. I’ve had 2 previous miscarriages and 9 and 12 weeks and I’m really strughling with the anxiety I’m feeling. I know my body and with all 3 pregnancies the symptoms started strong and now I’m analysing every time i don’t feel as bad as that’s what happened the last times. I have a scan booked at 7 weeks thanks to Tommy’s, but that’s not for 2 weeks yet. How do I cope and prepare myself for the worst in the meantime?

    • By Alisha (not verified) on 17 Jun 2019 - 11:23

      Feeling fluttering at the bottom of my stomach 2 weeks after period has gone off what could that be? It can’t possibly be pregnancy that early right?

    • By Akuande (not verified) on 2 Jun 2019 - 07:33

      am 10 weeks so been spotting with no pain,so i went to see the Doctor who concluded that the baby is no more,and i should go to the hospital for womb scrub but i refused and went to anothr doctor who checked me and said the baby is fine but he did some more tests (HCG) and i am waitibg dor the results, i am so scared this is my first pregnancy ever so is there anyone maybe who once had the same?

    • By Antoinette Rogers (not verified) on 25 Jun 2019 - 05:09

      Hello I went through something a bit similar. I went to the er because of spotting and cramping at 9 weeks pregnant the Doctors told me I was basically going to miscarry because they did a ultrasound and vaginal ultrasound as well and they both showed just a empty sac. The doctors told me to just let the miscarriage happen naturally and come straight to Er soon as it happened. So I went home and waited weeks later I was getting bigger and felt sicker I went back around 14 weeks for them to say there was a baby and she was growing this entire time she was just to small at first to notice on the ultrasounds. I now have a beautiful healthy soon to be 4 year old.

    • By Kashmir (not verified) on 10 May 2019 - 05:49

      IM very confused, the doctor said my Baby is no heart beat and I need to do raspa operation to remove the Baby but until now I feel breast tenderness like normal pregnant. I Really my Baby still Alive but they said in this age if the Baby have no heart beat it means IM miscarriGe I Got bleed but Not too much and its stop. What to do I dont wait to do this operation unless IM really sure that my Baby is totally nothing. I do transvaginal ultrasound but the result is the same in the 1st ultra sound my Baby is no heart beat but until now I feel really pregnant. What I Will do I dont believe them T-T

    • By Jenny (not verified) on 13 May 2019 - 04:04

      I'm sorry to hear that. If there is no heartbeat up to 2nd opinion I think it is best to follow your OB's instruction as it may affect your health if you refuse. It is possible that you still feel pregnant because your hormones have not returned back to normal.

    • By Anonymous (not verified) on 23 May 2019 - 17:22

      If you are having a miscarriage your hormones level should be dropping like crazy. I was about 4 and some weeks and had a miscarriage and that was the first sign they seen

    • By Unkown (not verified) on 12 Nov 2019 - 17:31

      Get second opinion

    • By Anonymous (not verified) on 8 May 2019 - 01:35

      My periods Are late for 10 days what should I do

    • By Lynn Nemaisa (not verified) on 3 May 2019 - 06:54

      I went for a scan at 6w 2 days and nothing was seen on a scan jus a gustation sac

      Is it health?? Or will i see it on a later stage

    • By Anonymous (not verified) on 16 May 2019 - 16:14

      when I was pregnant for my first baby the doc didn't see him at 9weeks and suggested evacuation but I refused and never went back, when I checked at 3months my son was ok

    • By Allie (not verified) on 1 May 2019 - 20:32

      hi, so i had 2 periods this month and they were a little lighter than normal. i am usually regular and my flow is medium. i had unprotected sex on march 13th, 2019 and i am on the pill. i am super tired a lot. could i be pregnant?

    • By Naila (not verified) on 30 Apr 2019 - 20:28

      My lady doctor told me that also after 6 week, you hv very little spot of a baby inside you than a normal size. It should be bigger than this size. She said also its not normal. You should be worried about this. What should i do to growth of this spot

    • By karimat (not verified) on 29 Apr 2019 - 19:07

      am i had a strip test and it confirmed i was pregnant but i dont feel any other symptoms other than sore painful breasts and i have dizzy spells often, am weak and sleep alot. no spotting and nausea yet. is it normal

    • By Lizzy (not verified) on 17 Apr 2019 - 17:36

      Hi, I just took a preg scan and scan revealed that its 6 weeks n 2 days existing with myoma. I'm bleeding though scan shows that foetus is OK. Please advise me what can I do

    • By piper (not verified) on 4 Apr 2019 - 12:35

      hi, I have a confirmed pregnancy at ultrasound, I am now 6 weeks and 5 days, but I have no morning sikness or nausea. My abdomen alao feels lighter than last weeks, no mild cramps, no spoting. My brest feels big but not very tender..
      I had a local anestesia for an eye surgery 8 days ago and since then I had to put corticosteroids in one eye.. I’m concerned that all these might have harmed somehow the pregnancy.
      Do you think might be a reason of concern?
      Thank you very much!

    • By Midwife @Tommys on 4 Apr 2019 - 15:10

      Hi - Thank you for your message.
      Not all women experience all of the pregnancy symptoms you have mentioned in your message, it varies and some women do not feel any different at all in early pregnancy.
      Please discuss with your doctor your concerns over any medication you are taking for your eye surgery.

    • By Ivy (not verified) on 29 Mar 2019 - 10:02

      I really not sure im pregnant i misse my period january since my past pregnancy having spotting i have 15 yr old daughter i observe when im too bz working im confuse isnt period or spotting since it last 1 day last feb but delay almost 2 week and also this month same 1 day period or spooting
      Pls help my belly seems like 3 month or 4 month coming starting january
      My regular period start 5th or 10th day of the month
      Pls help ia m pregnant?

    • By Kristen (not verified) on 4 May 2019 - 04:54

      If you're as far along as you think you may be, the only way to know is to test. Go to the dollar store and buy one. No need to buy a fancy one that says yes or no. The one I paid a dollar plus tax for worked just fine. Two lines means pregnant.

    • By Grace (not verified) on 25 Mar 2019 - 13:27

      Hi! I am 11 days late. I took a pregnancy test 3 days after a missing period and it was negative. I have tender breats now and then and mild cramps on my lower back and stomach. Today I am 11days late. Can I be pregnant? Should I take another test? I don't have any other pregnancy symptoms.

    • By Keisha (not verified) on 24 Mar 2019 - 12:03

      Hi I was late on my period for 6 days took two hpt with faint positive line on day 7 my period came am I experiencing a miscarriage, should go see a gyn to confirm please help lot of slime but no clots.

    • By Elizabeth (not verified) on 21 Mar 2019 - 11:30

      I am Elizabeth I have not felt good for days feeling sick ,dizzy and I have put weight on can u tell me wats wrong with me please

    • By Midwife @Tommys on 21 Mar 2019 - 12:20

      Hi - Thank you for your comment.
      If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant and feeling unwell, you should visit your GP.
      If you are unsure if you are pregnant, you need to carry out a pregnancy test on the day your period is due to determine if you are or not.

    • By Anonymous (not verified) on 19 Mar 2019 - 17:50

      I am six weeks pregnant and I am having pain at my back without bleeding what could that be

    • By Midwife @Tommys on 20 Mar 2019 - 11:01

      Hi there, you should visit your GP who can dipstick your urine as you may have a UTI, which might need antibiotic treatment. This can cause lower back pain as one of many symptoms. Please take good care of yourself, Tommy's Midwife

    • By Cb (not verified) on 17 Mar 2019 - 17:38

      I've taken 2 clear blue tests(1 showing I could be around 5 weeks) last week and 3 lower value tests - ALL POSITIVE :)
      I feel low in energy, smells off, but not sickness, just low tummy cramping now and again.
      I'm worrying too much I think, but trying not too as I know everyone is different?
      I've not been to the doctors yet and not sure how soon to go?

    • By Midwife @Tommys on 20 Mar 2019 - 10:59

      Hi CB. Make an appointment to see your GP for a review in the next week or so and then if all is well, then they will refer for your 12 week scan and midwife booking appt around 8 weeks gestation. All the best, Tommy's Midwife

    • By Cb (not verified) on 21 Mar 2019 - 20:08

      Went to the early pregnancy unit yesterday, had both internal and tummy scan, 5weeks5days, only the yolk and sac could be seen, no heartbeat yet. Another app booked for 2 weeks for another scan - they said it's normal that the heartbeats not fully shown yet. They also found 2 'simple' cysts on my left ovary which she said should dye down and shouldn't be an issue? X

    • By Lynda (not verified) on 15 Mar 2019 - 14:08

      Hi i am 6 wks pregnant but have abdominal pain and lower back pain and have some spotting aswell it only appears when i wipe myself after going for a wee could this be a sign of a miscarriage as have had miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy before i am really worried

    • By Midwife @Tommys on 20 Mar 2019 - 10:56

      Hi Lynda. If you are still experiencing abdominal pain,back pain and spotting since you sent this message and have not been seen by a doctor, please do be seen as soon as you can. Please take good care of yourself, Tommy's midwife

    • By Lih (not verified) on 5 Mar 2019 - 07:52

      I had a miscarriage on the 21st of January 2019. No period in February and pregnancy symptoms but negative pregnancy test. Then in March 2 my period came but not heavy as it used to. I decided to go to a scan and the doctor saw something but not sure. He advised me to do a scan again after 2 weeks. What exactly could be happening?

    • By Midwife @Tommys on 7 Mar 2019 - 12:27

      Hi - Thank you for your message.
      I am sorry to hear about your miscarriage in January - I hope you had good supportive care during such a difficult time.
      Without access to the scan notes and details, it is hard to advise what you doctor is thinking and why you are being scanned again in 2 weeks.
      Please discuss with your doctor your concerns.

    • By Santanu Majumder (not verified) on 4 Mar 2019 - 18:45

      Really a very helpful article. Provide the best information in 6 weeks pregnant.

    • By Favour (not verified) on 11 Feb 2019 - 10:45

      I uses misoprostol for 3weeks pregnancy, and blessed for 1day....then after 3weeks i saw just a little drop of blood.... Am I still pregnant or not?

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