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15 weeks pregnant - what's happening

Your baby is about the size of an apple.

15 weeks infographic.

What does my baby look like?

Their hearing is developing and from around now they might be able to hear your voice, the comforting sound of your heartbeat and muffled sounds from the outside world.  

They might also start to sense bright light outside your tummy.

Your baby is covered in fine hair, called lanugo. This will usually disappear some time before they are born, unless they arrive early.

This week your baby might start to get hiccups every now and again. Later in your pregnancy, you’ll probably be able to feel little rhythmic flutters when your baby gets them.

See how your baby will develop over the coming weeks with BabyCentre's animated inside pregnancy video: weeks 15-20.

Your symptoms - what's happening

Any morning sickness and tiredness may have lifted by now so this is a good time to become more active. 

Itchy skin?

Is your skin feeling itchy on your growing bump? This is probably caused by your skin stretching. If so, it’s nothing to worry about. You could try massaging some unscented moisturiser into the skin.

What to do if the itching is severe.


You can be more prone to this fungal infection in pregnancy. If you notice any of the symptoms of thrush, have a chat with your midwife about treatment.


You might have a stuffy nose or suffer from nosebleeds. Hormonal changes and the increased blood supply in your body can put more pressure on the blood vessels in your nose, causing them to break.

This is pretty common but if your nosebleeds persist, tell your doctor or midwife.

Are you suffering from headaches, cramps, swollen feet or indigestion?

Here’s our guide to 10 common pregnancy complaints (and how to avoid them).


Your gums may be bleeding more in pregnancy, too, as the pregnancy hormones make your tissues more puffy and delicate. 

Use a soft toothbrush, clean gently and visit your dentist for a check-up. NHS dental treatment is free during pregnancy. 

Actions to take

Keep moving

Try to stay active. Now that your bump is becoming more obvious you may feel as if you need to protect it more, but it’s safe to exercise right up to your due date as long as you feel okay.

There are a few types of exercise to avoid, such as scuba diving and contact sports, but it’s fine to continue with most of the exercise you did before pregnancy.

If you weren't very active before your pregnancy, it's not too late to start. Walking, swimming and pregnancy yoga or pilates are all good ways to get more active. Start with 10-minute bursts and build up to 30 minutes a day if possible.

“Yoga was fab. It really helped. My labour was amazing and quick and I'm sure it was down to great yoga instruction.” Kelly, mum of one

You don’t have to do a formal exercise class. Climbing the stairs instead of taking the lift or getting off the bus a stop early all counts as exercise!

If you want something more specific, look for antenatal exercise classes at your local leisure centre or ask your midwife about classes for pregnant women in your area.

Don't slouch on the couch

You may be tempted to crumple into a chair after a long day, but be careful. It isn't good for your back.

Bring your feet closer to the chair and push your bottom well into the back of the chair so that your back is supported. Use cushions if that helps.

Off sick?

If you need to take time off work for a pregnancy-related illness, it doesn’t count towards your sickness record.

If your boss usually provides sick pay you will still be entitled to this. If your company doesn’t offer sick pay you can apply for Statutory Sick.

Here are 10 tips for staying active during pregnancy.


Last reviewed on April 1st, 2015. Next review date April 1st, 2018.

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  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 12 Dec 2017 - 06:38

    I am 15 weeks pregnant and sometimes I get this pain in my navel, I hope it's okay. Also I did a scan yesterday, though the heart rate was 150bpm, I didnt notice as much movements as I normally see in the prior scans. Hope it's fine? Thank you so much.

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 13 Dec 2017 - 16:10

    Hi, Thank you for your comment.
    Mild cramping can be normal in early pregnancy , this will be all the ligaments stretching as the pregnancy grows. If you find that this pain gets worse then you need to be seen at your local early pregnancy unit. It is reassured that you had a scan yesterday and all seems to be well, a heart rate at 150bpm is very reassuring at this stage. At 15 weeks we wouldn't expect to monitor movements from baby at this stage, but it does sound that everything on your scan was normal for this stage in your pregnancy. If you are at all worried about your pregnancy then please contact your early pregnancy unit or GP as they will be more then happy to see you and give you reassurance. Hope this helps, Take care, Tommy's Midwives x

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 6 Nov 2017 - 20:43

    Hi. I'm trying to figure out if it's normal that a urine test still b negative and everything else says I'm pregnant. I haven't had my period in a few months and it's always regular. I had discharge coming from my Boobs. And I can feel and see something moving around in my belly when I lay flat on my back. I haven't had a blood test done yet cuz I have no insurance and the resource center says they don't do blood test and without confirmation of a pregnancy they can't do a sonogram or ultrasound. And it's frustrating cuz everything except for the test tells me I'm pregnant.

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 7 Nov 2017 - 09:37

    Thank you for your message.
    Pregnancy tests work by detecting one of the key early signs of pregnancy: a hormone called human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG). This hormone is only made when a woman is pregnant.
    Traces of hCG can be found in the urine from three to four days after implantation, but the concentration needs to continue to build up to a level at which the test can detect it and give a positive result. The best time to take a pregnancy test is from the day that the period is missed.
    It is important to know that whilst a positive result is likely to be accurate, a negative result may be misleading. Some women have a negative result and test again a week later to find that it is positive.
    This is due to the levels of pregnancy hormone gradually building up to a level at which they can be detected. If you test yourself very early on and you have a negative result, you should carry out another test in 2-3 days’ time if you have still not had a period.
    As you are continuing to get negative results and still no period, as well as other symptoms you should consult your doctor.

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 18 Sep 2017 - 04:37

    I have a 7month baby. Now I'm 15 weeks pregnant. I didn't planed this way but here I'm. I feel very tired all the time and my legs are showing varicose veins. Is there something that i can do to feel better?

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 18 Sep 2017 - 09:22

    Hi - Congratulations on your pregnancy. Most women at sometime in their pregnancy feel tired and run down - understandably so given the amazing things your body is doing! You're also running around after a 7 month old - which can be exhausting in itself! Rest, eat well, drink plenty of water and take up offers of help where and when you can. However, its worthwhile visiting your GP and having your iron levels checked to ensure all is well. Low iron levels can occur during pregnancy and can leave you feeling very tired.
    Varicose veins - where veins, generally in the legs, become swollen and bumpy can occur due to pregnancy.
    If they are a problem, put your feet up whenever you can and consider wearing support tights. If your legs are so swollen and painful that you have pain when you stand, talk to your midwife or doctor.

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 11 Sep 2017 - 16:28

    Hi I'm 15 weeks pregnant and have been getting really bad pain in my ribs as if they are being pushed out, especially at night, then I get a bad pain in my back (where my ribs are) is this normal? Have been thinking it's because I'm quite small so I might feel everything even early on? Thanks

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 11 Sep 2017 - 16:44

    Mild aches and pains are common in pregnancy and sharp twinges and pulling or pinching sensations when you move are most likely to be ligament pain (in the pelvic or groin area and either side of belly button). Hormonal changes in pregnancy cause the ligaments which support your organs and growing uterus to soften and stretch - this allows your womb to grow and other organs to move - but can cause aches and sharp twinges.
    However, if the pain you are feeling is painful or getting more severe you should seek advice from your GP or midwife.

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 2 Sep 2017 - 22:48

    I am 15 weeks pregnant and don't feel pregnant! I know symptoms disappear but I don't even have cramps or headaches nothing. I still haven't told anyone I'm pregnant because I don't feel it. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 5 Sep 2017 - 13:14

    Hi Tracy,
    Thanks for your post. It can be really difficult for Mums to be when they don't have any pregnancy symptoms but it isn't a sign of something being wrong it is just that there is a wide spectrum of normal and you fall into the no symptoms group!
    Have you had a recent scan? If so was all ok? You will have a further more detailed scan around 20 weeks.
    Some signs of pregnancy include darker nipples, increased sense of smell perhaps a different taste in your mouth? As you get more pregnant you will start to show and can expect to start feeling your baby move between 16-24 weeks. If it is your first baby it will be nearer to 24 weeks than 16.
    I hope this helps please call us if you have any worries and want to talk things through on 0800 0147 800 weekdays between 9-5 pm.
    Warmest wishes
    Anna-Tommy's Midwives

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 27 Aug 2017 - 14:55

    Hello, I am 14 weeks pregnant and I am having some brown discharge. I contact my OB and he said it's normal but I am still very scared due to having 2 losses in the past. Should I still go to the ER?

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 30 Aug 2017 - 11:30

    Hi Diana
    Bleeding/discharge at any gestation of pregnancy needs to be reviewed urgently. We are based in the U.K and we would advise our pregnant mothers to attend an early pregnancy assessment unit, or maternity unit. If these are difficult for you to access in the U.S, then yes, please attend the E.R if you still have the discharge. After having had two losses, you of course will be very anxious, this is normal. But for your peace of mind, please get yourself checked out if you have not already done so. Please take good care of yourself! All the best!

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 12 Aug 2017 - 02:42

    I had a one pad bleed during my third 15 week pregnant and I bleed sometimes often .scanning reports say baby is fine and doing good. I know it's not gud to bleed during pregnancy.but I am worried about my baby

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 14 Aug 2017 - 15:42

    Any bleeding in pregnancy should be investigated. If you experience any fresh red bleeding with or without pain, or accompanied by any other symptoms, then it is important to make contact with a health professional to be seen as soon as possible. If you experience bleeding often please ask your doctor for the reasons and remember that you can ask advice each time it happens. Best wishes

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 12 Jul 2017 - 08:33

    My baby is 104 grams at 15 weeks but I read on different websites at 15 weeks baby weight is 70 grams m worried about it but doctor said it's normal

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 13 Jul 2017 - 12:18

    Hi Thank you for your comment.

    It is difficult to comment on your question as we cannot see your scan report. But if the doctor has said that the growth of baby is normal then try not to worry unnecessarily . All babies grow at different rates and are not all born the same weight. If you are still worried about this then you should contact your doctor or midwife who can talk you through the scan report and answer any concerns that you may have. If the doctor was concerned about your baby in any way then they would of given you another appointment to be seen and monitored. Best wishes Tommy's midwives x

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 4 May 2017 - 00:51

    Hello I'm worried is it normal not to feel the baby move around at this time at 15 weeks and this is my second x

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 4 May 2017 - 11:56

    Yes this is quite normal. Most women report movements starting from 16-24 weeks. We have heard of women experiencing flutters before 16 weeks but this isn't common. If you haven't felt any movements by 24 weeks you should tell your midwife but at this stage try not to worry. Best wishes

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 5 Mar 2017 - 17:28

    Is it normal to NOT feel movement at 15 weeks? And is it normal to faint? It's my first baby and I'm just worried..

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 6 Mar 2017 - 09:32

    Hi Kirby. With your first baby, it is likely that you will not start to feel any movements until about 17 weeks onward. Women who have had a baby before can often identify movements from as early as 14 weeks, but only as they have experienced these sensations before and notice them earlier.
    Feeling faint is something that needs to be investigated as soon as possible. You could have a very low iron level in your blood which could make you feel faint or induce you to actually faint. If your iron is low - you can visit your midwife or GP for a blood test - then you will be prescribed iron tablets or further treatment depending on how low your iron level is. Please go to visit your GP/Midwife as soon as possible. Please take good care of yourself!

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 22 Feb 2017 - 13:32

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! Great news that you are feeling some movements already.
    Wishing you a great pregnancy with ice cream and watermelon!
    Tommy's Midwives

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 20 Feb 2017 - 20:59

    I feel the movement of my baby when i eating something cold like water mellon nd ice cream.

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 17 Jan 2017 - 14:23

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!
    There is no set number of normal movements. Your baby will have their own pattern of movements that you should get to know.
    From 16-24 weeks on you should feel the baby move more and more up until 32 weeks then stay roughly the same until you give birth.
    The same rule applies to 'looking' pregnant - some women show earlier than others and women also look pregnant in different.
    Try to enjoy your pregnancy - but if you have any concerns please don't hesitate to speak to your midwife.

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 17 Jan 2017 - 14:15

    I feel the baby sometimes I also don't look like am pregnant

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