How I stunned the GP into silence

Everything I read told me that you should go and speak to your GP or midwife as soon as possible after finding out you’re pregnant.

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I didn’t have a midwife and I wasn’t sure how to go about getting one so I opted for the GP, I had one of those. After waiting a couple of days (still not convinced it was real) I phoned to make an appointment and was given one for over a week away. That’s cool I thought, I can be cool and wait that long. I lasted 24 hours before phoning again to make an on the day appointment.

I felt anxious about being pregnant and I suppose I wanted some kind of reassurance.

I’m not sure what exactly. I was having weird cramps and twinges and I think I just wanted someone to tell me that was ok and that was normal. Encouraged by my newly pregnant best friend I convinced myself that it was perfectly reasonable to book an earlier appointment.

After making my excuses to work about having a last minute GP appointment I scooted off. After a long wait my name was finally called and I felt weirdly nervous. On reflection this was probably because it felt like big, life changing news to share with a stranger. I sat down and said ‘I’ve recently found out I am pregnant’. Silence. My mind raced – this wasn’t exactly the response I was expecting – am I supposed to elaborate on this in some way? The doctor just leaned forward and looked quizzically at me, as if I’d just said ‘I want to be tortoise and live on the moon’.

Feeling a bit unsure I managed to say ‘Sooo... I was just wondering what I need to do next?’. Again, silence. She finally said ‘Do you want to be pregnant?’. ‘Yes’, I replied, ‘We have been trying’.

I then launched into this big speech about how long we had been trying and how I stopped contraception, how long it had taken for my period to come back. I went on and on....but at least the silent void had been filled.

Phew, the doctor suddenly looked less concerned. She just said, ‘OK’. Quickly followed by, ‘Well I suppose I should also say congratulations’, which I rather too eagerly thanked her for.

She went on to ask if I was taking folic acid, told me what to not eat and had a brief look thorough my recent medical records to look for anything untoward. I mentioned I had had a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) while in South Africa so she asked me to send a sample off for testing and to book in to see the midwife on my way out – and with that I was sent on my merry way.

I never did ask about the weird cramps and twinges.

Making the appointment to see the midwife I did have a sense of pride and excitement. Somehow it all seemed a bit more official. I just hope I won’t stun the midwife into silence at that appointment!

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