Tommy’s collaborate with CoppaFeel to promote breast health during and after pregnancy

We’re delighted to team up with breast cancer charity CoppaFeel! to launch a new resource to help you understand how to look after your breasts and recognise any unusual changes.

Tenderness, sore nipples, lactation, changes in size and shape – a lot happens to our breasts during and after pregnancy. But which of these changes are natural and which need medical attention?

We've teamed up with CoppaFeel! to produce a new resource containing everything you need to know about your breasts during and after pregnancy. 

If you know what your breasts are usually like, you are more likely to notice any changes to them. This is called ‘breast awareness’. Breast awareness is important because some breast changes might be a sign of breast cancer.

It is rare to get breast cancer in pregnancy, but it can happen. Around 200 women a year in the UK will be diagnosed with breast cancer during pregnancy, or up to a year after having their baby.

New leaflet Your breasts during and after pregnancy explains:

  • the natural changes your breasts go through during and after pregnancy
  • common breast problems during and after pregnancy
  • tips on how to check your breasts. 

Everyone has breast tissue and people of all genders can get breast cancer. To be clear and consistent, CoppaFeel! use the word ‘breasts’ when referring to the tissue from your rib cage up to your collarbone and armpits, including your nipples. Whether you refer to your boobs, pecs, chest, breasts or something else, it is important to get to know what’s normal for your body.

“We’re so happy to launch this leaflet in collaboration with Tommy’s. Our mission at CoppaFeel! is to educate and empower people to know what’s normal for them, so they can get medical advice if they notice a change. Understanding the signs and symptoms of breast cancer could save your life”

Emma Forsyth, Health Information Manager at CoppaFeel!

“We were delighted to work on this resource with the team at CoppaFeel! Our bodies – including our breasts – go through many changes during and after pregnancy. Knowing when these changes are natural and when to ask for medical help can make all the difference to our physical and emotional health. It's important to speak to your GP, midwife or health visitor if you have any concerns about your breasts during or after pregnancy.”

Alison Tebbutt, Health Content Manager at Tommy’s

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