Incomplete miscarriage

An incomplete miscarriage is when a miscarriage begins, but the pregnancy doesn’t completely come away from the womb.

What is an incomplete miscarriage?

Sometimes not all of the pregnancy comes away after a miscarriage. An incomplete miscarriage is when a miscarriage begins, but some pregnancy tissue stays in the womb.

Signs of an incomplete miscarriage

All women have some bleeding or pain during and after a miscarriage. But if you have an incomplete miscarriage, you may have these symptoms:

  • heavy bleeding – get medical help if you’re soaking through a pad in an hour
  • bleeding that carries on and doesn’t settle down
  • passing blood clots
  • increasing tummy pain, which may feel like cramps or contractions
  • a raised temperature (fever) and flu-like symptoms.

Get medical help straightaway if you experience any of these warning signs.

Treatment for an incomplete miscarriage

If you have an incomplete miscarriage, you’ll need to have treatment. There are 3 options available:

Your doctor should talk with you about what may be the best option for you. You should be given some time for the diagnosis to sink in and to think about what you want to do.

“It's OK to take your time over making a decision. You may have a gut feeling about how to manage the miscarriage, you may not. Talk through your options with the medical professionals. I know they are incredibly busy, but we needed and wanted answers. I phoned the number we were given after our second missed miscarriage and asked all the questions I had. This helped us make a decision.”

How you are treated is your choice. However, you may be advised to have surgery immediately if there are any problems, such as infections.

Find out more about how your miscarriage will be managed.

Your emotional health

Miscarriage can be devastating. You may be struggling with grief, anxiety and shock, but you do not need to go through this alone. There are lots of organisations that can provide advice and support.

If you’re worried that you or your partner are struggling to cope after losing a baby, please talk to your GP. They will be able to help you get the support you need.

You can also talk to a Tommy’s midwife for free. You can call them Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm on 0800 0147 800 or you can email them at [email protected]. Our midwives are trained in bereavement support so will be able to talk to you about what you’re going through.

Find out more about support after a miscarriage.

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    Expectant management

    Expectant management is one of 3 treatment options you can have if you have a missed or incomplete miscarriage.

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    Surgical management

    Surgical management is one of 3 treatment options you can have if you have a missed or incomplete miscarriage.

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    Medical management

    If you have a missed or incomplete miscarriage, you may be offered medicine to help the miscarriage move along.


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    • By Brittany (not verified) on 9 Jul 2020 - 03:35

      I had a miscarriage about two months ago. I still feel pregnant and my tummy is still looking swollen.. I'm having negative test but I still feel pregnant. Could this be a incomplete miscarriage that's causing this . Or could I still be pregnant with low levels thata not showing I'm pregnant. I'm afraid to go to the doctor's bc of the covid 19 .

    • By H.G (not verified) on 30 May 2020 - 05:41

      What are the effects on baby who is survived from incomplete miscarriage?

    • By zebongile Raletsosa (not verified) on 23 May 2020 - 06:51

      iam worried it takes me for a month still having signs of pregnancy after having miscarriage

    • By Sunshine (not verified) on 21 May 2020 - 01:35

      Hey, I had an miscarriage couple days ago and the bleeding subsided about a day after but the following couple days I had a slight bleeding with in between spotting but not everyday and when I use pads I don't see any sort of blood. It's been only 11 days since I had my lost and these couple days I'm feeling extra aroused, I had sex about 3 times but I'm on some antibiotics treatment for the infection. Can I still be safe from what I've done or I'm already damaged?

    • By Ajit kumar (not verified) on 19 May 2020 - 18:33

      My wife had an medical abortion around 40 days ago initially she passed large clots after that she started to spot.. We went for Transvaginal scan and we found there are some product left, the doctor gave another dose of misoprostal, my wife doesn't have any cramps or pain, she is all right but passing clots sometimes in day and it's been around 20 days is it normal? Should we wait for the uterus to clean by itself as she doesn't have any pain or infection symptoms. Please suggest

    • By Anonymous (not verified) on 30 Mar 2020 - 15:12

      How long can you wait for your doctor could see you. I had a miscarriage on Saturday. My appointment is april 7. Could something happen to me if i wait long or what should i do.. I didnt go to the hospital since the coronavirus is there at the moment.

    • By komali (not verified) on 28 Feb 2020 - 16:34

      i had my miscarriage in feb 1 2019 its almost 1 year now but i dint go for d&c process.can i go now to clean my uterus..

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