The Baby Loss Series

These beautiful animations, with voices from the Stillbirth Stories audio archive of testimonies from bereaved parents, break the silence on all aspects of baby loss. Through this series, we want to raise awareness of the prevalence of baby loss, and support families affected so they feel less alone. #TogetherForChange #BreakingTheSilence
  • Coping with grief

    "It affects everything... socialising, working. Just being is very difficult." Visit our baby loss support information for advice about coping with grief.

  • Having a post-mortem

    "Although it didn't show anything it did tell us there wasn't anything wrong... which is a massive thing." Visit our baby loss support section for information about having a post-mortem.

  • For family and friends, how to give support

    "It's not spoken about at all. Even now, my mum, she says, "Don't dwell on it"." Visit our baby loss information for advice about supporting loved ones.

  • Making memories

    "I cuddled him and I spoke to him. I tried to bond with him like I would a normal child." Visit ourbaby loss support information for more about making memories.

  • Planning a funeral

    "This is the only thing you can do for this child. You've got to imagine. It's like every birthday party... every christening... every wedding." Visit ourbaby loss support information for advice about how to plan a funeral.

  • Trying for another baby

    "Nothing prepares you for the anxiety. Every scan made me so nervous because the last time I lay down for a scan someone told me my baby had died." Visit ourbaby loss support information for more about pregnancy and parenting after loss.

  • Remembering your baby

    "He's sort of acquired his own personality in the things that we've done in honour of his memory, whether it's fundraising, writing or just sharing his memory." Find out how you canfundraise in memory of your baby.

  • Recurrent miscarriage

    "By the fourth time, all the joy and anticipation had completely evaporated." Visit our recurrent miscarriage page for support, information and advice.