Top tips to keep healthy at your desk.

Recent studies have shown that having an inactive lifestyle can seriously impact your health. Our midwife Kate shares her tips on how to keep healthy when you have a desk job.

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There have been several studies to show that having an inactive lifestyle can impact negatively on health and wellbeing. The current NHS guidelines recommend 150 minutes of exercise a week, while an hour’s brisk exercise each day is said to reduce the health risks linked to having an inactive desk job.

We know it can be tough to stay active when you're tied to your desk all day. Our midwife Kate shares some easy tricks to keep healthy while at work.

Our midwife Kate shares some tricks on how to stay healthy while at work.

  1. Drink plenty of water and keep hydrated. It can help to keep a big bottle of water nearby to sip on throughout the day, try to drink about 1.6 litres a day.  Water is ideal however one glass of fruit juice or cup of tea can help with variety.
  2. Try to mobilise every couple of hours. If you are keeping hydrated, then chances are you will have to pop to the toilet every couple of hours anyway!  If you can try to walk around for a couple of minutes regularly throughout the day it can really help.
  3. Lunch break walking. Try to use the time during lunch break for a brisk walk outside, not only will this help to add to your daily exercise but can increase your sun exposure for that extra vitamin D (we can hope!). You could even try catching Pokemon!
  4. Try out some desk exercises.  Make sure that you are sitting in a supportive and comfortable chair then try stretching your legs out and flexing your feet up and down several times or do some leg raises by extending out your leg and lifting it up and down in a controlled way for about 10-15 times in a row then switch to the other leg.
  5. Healthy snacking.  One risk of sitting all day is the temptation for snacking and sneaking in an extra biscuit or two! Try to eat enough protein with meals to keep fuller for longer and if you find yourself snacking try to limit yourself to healthy choices such as raw vegetables, a handful of unsalted nuts or dried fruit if you need a sugar fix!

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