Mum’s reaction to having a baby boy is fantastic

Dara Crouch was convinced she would have another baby girl.

shocked mum

Pregnancy news, 27/06/2017

As a Labour and Delivery Nurse, Dara Crouch says that surprise gender births have always been her favourite.

That’s why she left the gender of her two babies a surprise until the birth.

With Dara’s first baby being a girl and knowing that there hadn’t been a boy on her side of the family in over 50 years, she was convinced that she would have another girl.

‘My husband thought from the beginning that it was a boy. I was not so convinced. I had this weird connection to my daughter's clothes and since their birthdays would only be three weeks apart, I knew I could reuse them,’ says Dara to Popsugar.

‘It never really set in that this baby could be a boy until just a few minutes before he was born. I started freaking out because I had never been around a little boy and didn't know much about raising one.’

‘When my midwife, Melissa, held him up, I was in complete shock! It was a boy, and I lost it! I was so excited, and so in love! I couldn't imagine it being any other way!’

Birth photographer Neely Ker-Fox was there to capture Dara’s reaction to finding out she’d had a boy.

Neely said, ‘In my over 100 births I’ve photographed, I see all kinds of reactions, some of the most heart-warming, soul stirring, tear-filled moments.’

‘But when Dara looked over at me, and I captured this reaction knowing the innocent and very real worries we have when our second child comes into the world, I burst into tears behind the camera.'

All that anxiety and worry vanished in the blink on an eye. And no matter what we have (boy or girl), the love we have for our kids is instantaneous and overwhelms every cell in our bodies.’

Congratulations Dara!

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