Midwife rides inflatable swan to labouring woman

The fantastic story of swan-riding midwife, Cathy Rude, is back in the news this week and we couldn’t be happier for the reminder.

Photo of a midwife riding down the road during a flood on inflatable swan with her birthing supplies

Pregnancy news, 31/08/2017

Last year, midwife Cathy Rude battled with the Texas floods and won, after hitching a ride to her client on an unusual mode of transport.

The client in question, Andrea, was in labour and had driven with her husband to pick-up Cathy in their truck. They became worried when they found the street flooded and Cathy unable to get to them with her birthing supplies undamaged.

That’s when Andrea noticed a woman passing by on an inflatable swan (as you do). She called out to her to ask, ‘Hey, would you be willing to give my midwife a ride so she can deliver my baby?’ The woman kindly agreed.

Cathy received a phone call from Andrea to say, ‘A swan is coming to pick you up.’ Amused, she gathered her things and, sure enough, boarded her blow-up steed.

It was a short but memorable trip to the end of the street. Cathy arrived safe, dry and ready to go to the birthing centre where Andrea would give birth to her son later that evening.

A brilliant ending to a brilliant story.

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