Health professionals can help you manage your fear of childbirth

‘Tokophobia’ or the fear of childbirth can make being pregnant a difficult or even traumatic experience for some women, but talking it through can really help.

Pregnancy news, 06/01/2016

A recent article in the Independent has highlighted that ‘tokophobia’, or the fear of giving birth, is a complex condition that seriously affects how some women feel about being pregnant.

Feeling anxious about labour and birth isn’t uncommon in pregnancy. But if your fear of giving birth is so severe that it affects your mental wellbeing, it’s important to talk to your doctor or midwife so that you get the support that you need. 

Our midwife Kate explains:

‘There are many reasons why a woman may develop a phobia of pregnancy and childbirth; it is often linked to past experience whether that is trauma or abuse or a previous birth that has been traumatic. It can also be caused by other mental health issues. It's important to know that there is support available. If you are already pregnant or planning a pregnancy then it is important to talk to a health professional with who you feel most comfortable as early on as possible. Together you can explore all the options available, and make a plan for your pregnancy and labour which is best for you.'

If you suffer from tokophobia then there is help and support available. It’s important to talk to your doctor or midwife because they can help you to manage your phobia and decide which birth options are best for you.

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