Congratulations to Binky and JP!

The Made in Chelsea star has given birth to her first baby – a girl.

Binky Felstead baby

Pregnancy blog, 13/06/2017

Binky Felstead stunned her cast mates in January when she announced her pregnancy during an episode of Made in Chelsea.

The latest season of MIC has followed her and baby daddy Josh Patterson (JP) as they prepare to become first-time parents.

The gender-reveal party and baby shower have all featured in the latest season of MIC and Binky has been documenting her pregnancy on Instagram and her Hello Magazine blog.

At the end of May, she wrote on her blog about hypnobirthing and her birth plan,

‘They say not to plan too much because you can’t really plan it properly but I’ve got what I’d like to happen and I just hope it all goes to plan. I’ve learned all about other options like hypnobirthing, I think that’s really useful for if you get panicky. I’m not panicked yet, I’m actually alright and I feel pretty calm.

But if I were to get worked up then I’d know to focus on my breathing and I know how to do that so it’s useful.’

Binky has also been a vocal advocate of prenatal exercise, writing on her blog,

‘I think exercise is good for anxiety and key for labour as well. I don’t think enough mothers know yet, but it’s been proven to be really good for the baby. You have to follow expert advice and know what you’re been doing. I’ve been doing a lot of stretching and walking when I can.’

She spoke on Sky News in May to defend exercise during pregnancy, saying,

‘As a first-time mum, you are already aware that people are anti-exercise in case it does harm the baby but with the research, you’re doing your body good and your baby good.’

Read more about the exercise debate on Sky News.

There is no news yet on the baby girl’s name but Binky’s former co-star and friend Ollie Locke has previously revealed that the couple will go down the ‘classic’ route when naming their little one.

We hope Binky is recovering well, and wish her and JP all the best!

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