BBC Breakfast presenter asks colleague to stand-in as her birthing partner after going into labour straight off air.

TV presenter Victoria Fritz's birth plan went out of the window when she went in to labour immediately after giving a live broadcast.

Pregnancy news, 16/11/2016

BBC newsreader Victoria Fritz went into labour unexpectedly moments after giving a live broadcast.

She was rushed to hospital accompanied by co-presenter Sally Nugent, who stood in as her birthing partner when Victoria’s husband was stuck in traffic and unable to get there in time.

Victoria’s story is proof that while it’s important to make a birth plan, labour is unpredictable and in many cases women have to quickly make a ‘new plan’ so that their baby is delivered safely.

Our midwife Anna explains

'Every woman has a vision or expectation about how they will birth their baby, however even with all the planning and birth preparation, the circumstances of labour are often out of our control. These situations can shift suddenly and a ‘new plan’ has to be processed quickly which can be stressful. I think it is great that Victoria was able to act quickly and accept Sally as her birthing partner. But it's also normal to grieve for the ‘dream birth’ that didn’t happen and when a birth plan doesn't go as planned women need support and understanding to accept that they haven’t failed in any way.'

Tommy's send our congratulations to Victoria and Dan on their new baby boy!

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