Mums-to-be should talk openly to their midwives, not be shamed into silence

Our midwife Sophie explains why mums-to-be suffering from addiction should feel comfortable asking their midwives for help.

It is well-known that certain behaviours during pregnancy including excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine, smoking and taking recreational drugs can cause serious harm to both mother and baby.

However there seems to be an unhealthy tendency on social media to shame pregnant women suffering with addiction into silence. Celebrity Stephanie Davis is one mum-to-be who has been heavily criticised for her unhealthy behaviour during pregnancy.

Women should feel able to discuss all aspects of their pregnancy openly and honestly with their midwife, who is not there to judge, but to help and give support.

If you suffer with an unhealthy addiction then it is important that you speak to your midwife immediately. They will provide you with the help and support that you need to address the problem. Hiding it will only put you and your baby’s health at risk.

Remember that any information you share with your midwife is strictly confidential. They are not allowed to discuss what you tell them with anyone else.  

Our midwife Sophie explains:

“Every mum-to-be to should know that whatever they are struggling with; giving up smoking, drinking alcohol, drug use or relationship difficulties, their midwives are there to talk to.  We will not judge you or make you feel like you are “ in the wrong”. We want to help you and support you in making the changes that you need to have a happy and healthy pregnancy. Midwives are made of tough stuff, we’ve seen a lot and nothing fazes or embarrasses us. It may be a difficult to start the conversation – but once we know how you feel and what’s going on, we can make any referrals that you might need and give you extra support throughout pregnancy and after birth. Please don’t hide away in shame, tell us so that we can help you!”