The impact of Tommy's research

Tommy's funds and conducts pioneering research into the causes of stillbirth, preterm birth and miscarriage to prevent baby loss and premature birth.

 Tommy's funds and conducts pioneering research into the causes of stillbirth, preterm birth and miscarriage to prevent baby loss and premature birth. Our research also focuses on finding new treatments for pregnancy complications to inform clinical guidelines and best practice.

“Tommy’s researchers and clinicians are incredible. Everyone we encountered treated us with such kindness and respect. I felt safe under their outstanding care. We truly believe our rainbow baby wouldn’t be here today if we hadn’t had access to a Tommy’s research clinic.”

Ben and Gaynor gave birth to a healthy baby boy under the care of the Tommy's Rainbow Clinic in April 2020. 

Tommy's PregnancyHub provides expert, evidence-based pregnancy information to support women and families throughout their pregnancy journey. Our information resources, digital tools, midwife-led support line and online communities cover all aspects of pregnancy from pre-conception and safer pregnancy, through to wellbeing and support for families who are pregnant after loss.

“Tommy’s PregnancyHub was a real lifeline for me. Their clear and accessible information about sleep positions helped me to understand the value of sleeping on my side during my third trimester. It was very comforting to know I could easily access trustworthy, midwife-approved information on the Tommy’s website throughout my pregnancy”

Phillipa, mum to baby Jessica who was born in February 2020. 

What we're aiming for at Tommy's

  • Clinicians better able to assess a woman’s risk of pregnancy complications and predict early who is at risk of baby loss or premature birth
  • New treatments to reduce these risks
  • Successful new treatments and tests available to all, no matter where they live
  • Empowered and supported parents who know what they can do to protect their babies before and during pregnancy

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    PregnancyHub impact

    Our evidence-based, high quality, comprehensive pregnancy information informs and empowers women and their families to make healthy behaviour and lifestyle choices, read about its impact here.

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    Research centres impact

    Our research centres produce high-quality research on how to prevent stillbirth, miscarriage and preterm birth, and associated pregnancy complications, read about their impact here.

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    Specialist clinics impact

    Our NHS supported specialist clinics deliver a high-quality care environment, enabling improved recruitment to clinical trials and faster implementation of research findings, read about their impact here.

  • Maternity improvement impact

    Our National Centre for Maternity Improvement is working with the RCOG, RCM and NHS to standardise the identification and treatment of risk in pregnancy, read about it here.

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