Our impact

At Tommy’s, we believe that every pregnancy deserves a happy ending. Our mission is to halve the number of babies that die during pregnancy or birth by 2030. We know that our approach works. We are a small charity and our achievements outweigh our size.

What we're aiming for at Tommy's:

  • Better informed parents able to protect their babies before and during pregnancy using the best high quality information.
  • New treatments and better understanding of how parents and the NHS can reduce the risk of stillbirth, miscarriage and preterm birth.
  • Better understanding of how to put new ideas into practice at home and in the NHS.
  • Better treatment for high risk pregnant women and evidence of success that others can learn from.

Tommy's overall aims summary

  • Tommy's information services impact logo

    Pregnancy information services impact

    Our evidence-based, high quality, comprehensive pregnancy information informs and empowers pregnant women to make healthy behaviour and lifestyle choices, read about its impact here.

  • Tommy's research centres impact logo

    Research centres impact

    Our research centres produce high quality research on how to reduce stillbirth, miscarriage and preterm birth, read about their impact here.

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    Specialist clinics impact

    Our NHS supported specialist clinics deliver a high quality care environment, enabling improved recruitment to clinical trials and faster implementation of research findings, read about their impact here.

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