Impact of Tommy's PregnancyHub

Tommy’s PregnancyHub informs and empowers families to make healthy behaviour and lifestyle choices by providing evidence-based, high-quality information, ultimately leading to a reduction in the number of babies who die during pregnancy or birth.

Why we invest in pregnancy information

We empower women by giving them the high-quality information they need during pregnancy to help them make choices to make pregnancy safer and a whole new generation healthier. Our team of in-house midwives respond to queries, covering the whole pregnancy journey from pre-conception to after birth. Our life-saving information helps to change behaviours.

“If it wasn’t for following your page and the reminders from you to trust your instincts and the importance of monitoring fetal movements, my baby wouldn’t be here. So I want to thank you, from me and my baby girl.” 

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The reach of Tommy’s PregnancyHub

In 2019:

  • 17 million people visited the website
  • over 1,700 calls were made to our Tommy’s midwives
  • nearly 1,900 emails were sent to our Tommy’s midwives
  • 57,000 people followed our PregnancyHub social media channels

The reach of our information services is growing every year, helping provide evidence-based information to millions more people.

Our expert team of midwives provide a helpline and email service to women and their families. They support people who need specialist information throughout the pregnancy journey, from pre-pregnancy to after the birth. The highest number of calls and emails are from people who have experienced miscarriage and other complications.

"Tommy’s PregnancyHub helped me be confident in my decision making throughout my journey. Their midwives supported me when I was having my moments of panic or when I was worrying. Knowing I had an approachable, educated source of information and support to turn to really helped me reduce my stress during pregnancy.”

Hollie – who experienced recurrent miscarriage before having daughter Millie, and then experienced 3 more losses before baby Finley arrived

Our campaigns

With your help we’ve spoken out about the emotional impact of baby loss, raised awareness of sleeping on your side during the last trimester, helped you better plan for a healthy pregnancy and challenged myths about baby movement during pregnancy.

Your Baby’s Mum

Our 2019 our 'Your Baby’s Mum campaign' demonstrated that mental wellbeing during and after pregnancy is just as important as physical health. The campaign was designed to help all pregnant women think and talk about their mental wellbeing during and after pregnancy. As part of the campaign, we launched a new digital tool to help women make a plan for how to manage their support and self-care after their baby’s arrival

2 million people viewed the campaign and over 18,000 people have used the wellbeing tool to create personalised plans.

Are you ready?

Our 2018 'Are You Ready campaign' increased awareness of how your health before pregnancy affects your fertility, your baby's future health and the risk of your problems in pregnancy. In partnership with Public Health England, RCOG, University College London and Clearblue, we developed a Planning for Pregnancy tool to help people understand the importance of their pre-conception health to improve the lifelong health of their baby. 

The campaign reached over 1.6 million people and our Planning for Pregnancy tool has been used over 186,000 times.

Sleep On Side

Our 2017 Sleep on Side campaign showed millions of women the importance of sleeping safely in pregnancy after Tommy’s research found that sleeping on your side in the third trimester helps prevent stillbirth. 

The campaign reached over 1.5 million people.

Movements Matter

Our 2016 Movements Matter campaign challenged dangerous myths about baby movements during pregnancy, and gave mums-to-be the facts about what to do if they experience reduced fetal movements. 

The campaign reached over 6 million people, with over 3 million people viewing the campaign film. Over 3,000 people downloaded the reporting reduced fetal movements PDF. We also saw a 38% increase in traffic to the fetal movements website page, which is more than 5,000 extra visits a month.