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The Tommy’s Pregnancy at Work scheme is designed to give organisations all the tools they need to provide the best level of support for pregnant employees and their managers.

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Based on extensive research, the scheme provides a wealth of information, including how to best manage time and productivity, and how to ensure a smooth return to work after pregnancy.

Sadly, one in four women will experience complications during pregnancy or birth. Tommy's has the expertise to support parents through this painful experience and our services are there to give HR Managers the confidence to support pregnant employees when difficulties occur. 

We provide a detailed toolkit for organisations and their HR departments to use as part of their maternity offering. Currently we reach over 100 organisations from FMCG’s to governmental bodies – this scheme is an effective low-cost way of providing support to your pregnant employees throughout their pregnancy.

Benefits of joining the Pregnancy at Work scheme


Tommy's PregnancyLine is there to help mums-to-be, their partners, family members and friends, and also health professionals looking for specialist advice.

Our experienced midwives specialise in advice on healthy lifestyle choices, and can help pregnant women with issues such as what to eat in pregnancy, or quitting smoking. We are also there to help if an employee has suffered a pregnancy loss by providing counselling and advice about care and treatment, including how to plan for another pregnancy.

This service is open Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 5pm. We aim to respond to all email enquiries within five working days, although if we are very busy, this may take a little longer. If the enquiry is urgent, always contact the local labour ward for advice.

Member of the Telephone Helplines Association

Tommy's pregnancy information helpline is a member of the Telephone Helplines Association (THA). The THA is a regulatory body, which ensures quality and confidence for callers to helplines.

Tommy's PregnancyLine: 0800 0147 800, or email us at [email protected].

If you have heard about the PregnancyLine through work or your employer is a member of the Tommy's Pregnancy at Work programme and feel comfortable sharing this, please let the midwife know. The service is completely confidential and you will not be asked to share any other personal details. It's simply to track the use of the service. 


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Members' community

The members’ community is a password protected online area where:

  • HR professionals, pregnant employees and their managers can view the latest information on statutory law regarding pregnancy
  • employees can read about how to best manage their pregnancy at work, including tips on communication and information on having a healthy working pregnancy
  • managers can read about all aspects of managing a working pregnancy and see frequently asked questions around managing pregnancy at work.
  • downloadable Pregnancy at Work guides designed for managers and employees


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Sadly, some pregnancies end early, others develop problems along the way that result in medical complications for both mum and baby.

At Tommy’s, we believe that, through our research, we can discover how to prevent the loss of tiny lives. We also want to find out how to protect premature babies from health problems and increase their chance of survival.

We understand the importance of providing parents with open and honest advice based on fact, which can help them understand what has happened, the possible reasons for it and how to prevent it happening again.

This section will provide resources for parents who have lost a baby or have had a baby born prematurely. Parents can also access our Freephone PregnancyLine to speak with one of the Tommy’s midwives.

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