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10 weeks pregnant - what's happening

Your uterus is the size of a large orange now, and your baby is around 3cm long.

Week 10 infographic.

What does my baby look like?

If you could see their little face, you would see an upper lip and two miniscule nostrils in their nose.

Your baby’s eyes can already react to light. Their eyelids are half-closed and will shut completely in a few days.

Their jawbone is developing and already contains all their milk teeth.

An ultrasound scan at this stage would show your baby making little, jerky movements.

See how your baby will develop over the coming weeks with BabyCentre’s animated inside pregnancy video: weeks 10-14.

Your symptoms - what's happening

Feeling a bit bloated?

Your digestive system is slowing down and this can make you feel bloated or give you indigestion and heartburn.

Have a headache, feel dizzy or suffering from cramps and hot flashes?

Find out more about 10 common pregnancy complaints (and how to avoid them).

“I had terrible morning sickness with my baby girl, but felt even worse if I didn't eat anything. I ate porridge because it was the least gross thing (for me) to vomit up - TMI no doubt.” Rachael, mum of one

Noticed more vaginal discharge?

Your body is full of surprises in pregnancy, some more embarrassing than others.

A slight increase in discharge/fluid during pregnancy is normal. You may find that it is a mild-smelling, milky fluid, which is fine. Your body creates discharge to help prevent infections travelling up the vagina to the womb. Pretty darn clever!

However, if you have green, yellow or brown discharge - or if you’re bleeding - you should contact your midwife. Find out more about vaginal discharge.

Actions to take

It’s likely that you’ve now had your booking appointment! If not, don’t worry. Your booking visit will usually happen when you are between eight and 12 weeks pregnant.

If you haven’t had yours yet, remember to ask your midwife for your free prescriptions form (FW8) so you can apply for an NHS ‘maternity exemption’ certificate.

Were you left with any unanswered questions?

  • For more information, you can visit our page about the booking appointment; or
  • Type your question into our search bar to view our pregnancy information; or
  • Ask one of our midwives who is here to support you from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. You can contact them on our Facebook page or by email.

In the next few weeks, you will have your first ultrasound scan!

The first scan can be an emotional experience as you will see your baby for the first time.

It also:

  • Confirms the estimated due date by looking at your baby's size
  • Can see if you're having more than one baby
  • May be used with a nuchal translucency scan to check the risk of the baby having Down's syndrome, Edward's Syndrome and Patau's Syndrome.

Pregnancy myths

Flying, dying your hair and sex during pregnancy? We reveal the truth behind 10 of the most misunderstood pregnancy myths. Hint: a little nookie will do you no harm.

Discover the 10 most common pregnancy myths.



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  • By Chel (not verified) on 7 Jan 2018 - 09:18

    Hiya I'm 10 weeks and 2 days with my second I had a very good pregnancy with my first right up to the end and had starting of preeclampsia he's now 8 month health . But I feel completely different to the first pregnancy constantly feel sick feel empty inside and out . Just scared of chances of getting preeclampsia but my midwife said there's a chance I might not get it again is this true .

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 8 Jan 2018 - 16:45

    Yes this is quite true. Each pregnancy is different and this time you may have no problems. You will however be monitored closely in order to ensure that any early signs of pre-eclampsia are picked up and hopefully this will reassure you. Best wishes

  • By Charlene (not verified) on 29 Dec 2017 - 22:23

    I've been having horrible morning sickness, I am literally living on slice toast and packet of crisps a day. How can this be healthy? I'm currently 10wks. I just want to do whats right for baby

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 3 Jan 2018 - 14:58

    Hi Charlene. I am so sorry to hear what a rough time you are having with nausea and vomiting. I know this is really very hard for you. Below is a link to our pages about Hyperemesis Gravidarum. If you are still suffering with this very badly, then please do take yourself into your local maternity unit for review by a midwife and obstetric doctor. Many women with this will need iv fluids and anti sickness medication and inpatient stays if you are really very unwell for monitoring. So please do take good care of yourself and get help if you are still suffering. Sending my best, Tommy's Midwife

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 8 Dec 2017 - 18:33

    Hi, I am now 10 weeks 5 days pregnant. I had an early reassurance/dating scan privately when I thought I was 9 weeks. I had to have a trans-vaginal, the sonographer told me I was actually 8 weeks based on the baby's measurements. So I was a week out. I could see tiny little budlings looked a bit like chicken wings - of arms/legs but, the videos online show a baby to already have its arms and legs properly formed by 8 weeks. So I am worried about healthy development. I have an NHS scan next week, so I am anxious to see more development of healthy limbs etc. Can you reassure me at all? Thanks

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 13 Dec 2017 - 12:46

    HI, Thank you for our comment.

    If there was any concern about your baby's development then this may have shown in the scan that you had. At this stage, you can only see the buds of the arms and legs as the baby is so small. If you have been watching computer generated videos on the internet then you will be able to see limbs more clearly because they have been made to look this way, but on an ultrasound scan the image is much more grainier, this doesn't mean there is a problem. Try not to be worried about your next scan, it is only natural to be concerned about things in pregnancy but if you are maintaining a health lifestyle, eating well and taking some exercise then you are giving your pregnancy the best start. Hope all goes well at your next scan. Take Care, Tommy's Midwives x

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 31 Aug 2017 - 15:35


    The only symptoms i have had during my pregnancy is sore breasts. I am now 10.5 weeks and this symptom has completely gone. Should i be concerned?


  • By Midwife @Tommys on 4 Sep 2017 - 11:49

    No don't be concerned. It is perfectly ok to have no symptoms in early pregnancy and is nothing to worry about. Best wishes

  • By Anonymous (not verified) on 8 Dec 2017 - 18:38


    I am also not having many symptoms. I have been told by the midwife its completely normal. Everyone is different, and every pregnancy is different. I have only had aversions to food and smells, so bad I feel its difficult to cook meals. I have had cravings and obsessions over certain foods. I completely hate coffee and eggs. No prolonged sickness, not much of the sore breasts that most women complain of. I have been tired and peeing a lot more. If it was not for the tests, and early scan I had, I would not believe I was pregnant. So although it seems odd to you, its nothing to worry about. Take care and best wishes!

  • By Midwife @Tommys on 13 Dec 2017 - 12:52

    Hi, Thank you for your comment.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences, you are right, every woman experiences pregnancy symptoms differently. Hope you are feeling well and all is well with your pregnancy. Best Wishes, Tommy's Midwives x

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