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I'm not sure if 30 weeks is an official milestone but it's felt like one to me

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The countdown really seems to have begun now the weeks start with a '3' – 10 weeks to go really doesn't feel like long at all, although everyone I know of complains of time dragging near the end!

This week I had my whooping cough vaccination and the nurse said as I was leaving that she'd see me again when baby was 8 weeks old and ready for her first vaccinations. Suddenly it felt like that might well come round super quick!

A word on the whopping cough vaccination – it's actually a combined vaccine and includes tetanus which does make your arm ache for a few days afterwards, so have a think about which side you'd like it on. I went for my right side as I tend to sleep more on my left, but I am right handed so lifting my arm and carrying anything has been a bit painful.

I've suddenly gone into full on nesting mode this week

We have bought most things now and we've been given so much by very generous friends who've already had babies that the nursery is fit to burst! We'd just chucked everything in there and this week I had a mild panic about needing to sort it all out and get it in some kind of order.

My mother in law kindly offered to wash all the baby clothes and sort them into their various sizes which was a gods send as there were literally bin bags full – enough to cloth about 10 babies probably! It's not finished but I feel better having made a start and deciphered what we actually have and what other things we may need as and when the time comes.

You don't need to take everything with you into the hospital to start with

Packing my hospital bag is something else I've been thinking I need to do over the next few weeks and what to put in it. A couple of friends have give me lists of what they put in theirs so I'll use them as a starting point. A good point was made at last weeks' antenatal class in that you don't need to take everything with you into the hospital to start with. Take a bag with what you'll need during labour and leave another bag in the car with things like nappies and baby outfits. 

I'm thinking a lot about the birth now

The fact that I'm now 30 weeks, coupled with starting the NCT antenatal classes and also having attended my first hypnobirthing class this week has got me thinking a lot about the birth now. I feel like I know a lot more about the process of labour and birth so feel more prepared about what to expect. On top of this I now know much more about about the process of being induced, pain relief options and possible interventions.

I suppose in some ways ignorance is bliss because with this new found knowledge has come added anxiety. The loudest message that has echoed through of all of what I've learnt over the past couple of weeks is that staying as calm and relaxed as possible is key to having a hopefully straight forward birth. Having had my first hypnobirthing class this week I am certain this will help me no end in achieving this.

Feeling quite tired and more uncomfy has made me feel quite emotional

So I feel like there is a lot buzzing around in my head this week, which on top of feeling quite tired and more uncomfy has made me feel quite emotional. I've tried to take care of myself by taking time out to relax, rather than spending all of my spare time sorting, cleaning and writing lists! It does feel like a very exciting time but I think it could also have tendency to feel quite overwhelming too as the end comes further and further into sight and focus.

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