Type 1 or 2 diabetes in pregnancy

If you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you will be used to being advised to look after yourself. But if you are thinking of having a baby, or you have unexpectedly found that you are pregnant, this advice has never been more important.

Pregnancy can make your blood glucose levels more erratic. You need specialist healthcare advice to make sure that:

    • you're taking medicine that is suitable for pregnancy
    • you're taking the right doses for your needs, which will change through your pregnancy.

If you have diabetes during pregnancy your baby is at higher risk of a number of complications. These risks can be reduced if you are living a healthy lifestyle and keeping your blood glucose to the recommended levels before you conceive and during your pregnancy.

Women with diabetes are recommended to attend pre-pregnancy clinics before thinking about having a baby. But things don’t always go to plan, and if you do become pregnant unexpectedly, there is still much you can do to give your baby the best possible start.

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