Symptoms of gestational diabetes

Women with gestational diabetes often do not have any symptoms at all, and this is why women are all monitored for it by routine checks in pregnancy.

The lack of obvious symptoms is confusing and can make some women doubt that they have it. This is also why every woman is questioned on possible risk factors for gestational diabetes during the booking appointment. If you have some of the risk factors you will then be tested to check whether you have it.

If you do get symptoms, they may include those listed below – although these could also mean you may have type 2 diabetes:

  • being very thirsty
  • having a dry mouth
  • needing to wee a lot
  • being tired
  • repeated infections, such as thrush
  • blurred vision.

"I wasn’t obviously skinny, but I wasn’t massively obese either… I had no symptoms whatsoever. I had no expectation that the Lucozade test would be anything other than a formality."Beth, mum of two

If you have these symptoms during your pregnancy, tell your midwife or GP. If they are caused by gestational diabetes, you need to find out as quickly as possible, so you and your healthcare team can take action to reduce the risks for you and your baby.

Find out more about the tests that you can have to tell whether you have gestational diabetes.

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