Feeding your baby

Feeding can be a lovely time to get to know your baby and to bond. At the start you’re going to be doing a lot of feeding.

How to tell when your baby’s hungry

Your baby will tell you they're hungry by using their body. They may:

  • stir and wriggle
  • turn their head from side to side
  • open their mouth
  • lick their lips
  • suck their fingers
  • start crying.

How often should I feed my baby?

Your baby has a tiny stomach (the size of a marble) so you need to feed them really often – probably every couple of hours at first, both day and night. It may feel like you’re doing almost nothing apart from feeding your baby at first. Don’t worry, as they grow their stomach will grow so there will be longer gaps between feeds.

More on feeding your baby

  • A breast pump.


    Expressing milk is a way of extracting milk from the breast, and this can be done by hand or by using a pump.

  • 'FAQ' written in pink chalk on black board.

    Formula feeding FAQs

    Your questions about formula feeding answered.

  • Dad bottle-feeding baby formula.

    Formula feeding

    Sometimes, for various reasons, mothers use formula rather than breastfeeding.

  • 'FAQ' written in pink chalk on black board.

    Breastfeeding FAQs

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  • Mum breastfeeding baby.


    Breast milk is a fantastic first food for your baby because it protects them from illness, which formula milk can’t do. It’s also so much easier in the middle of the night!

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