Parenting after loss stickers

Founder of Dear Orla, Michelle, has come up with a simple way to make parenting after the loss a baby a tiny bit easier.

Two sticker designs featuring an abstract logo of a mother holding a baby with another baby in her heart. The words 'I am parenting after loss' are next to it.

Pregnancy news, 30/08/2017

Since the loss of her daughter, Orla, Michelle has been penning beautiful dedications on her Tommy’s Award-winning blog, Dear Orla.  

This year, she welcomed her adorable rainbow, Esme. Amazing, fulfilling, confusing, exhausting – parenting after loss is a roller-coaster, and it's something Michelle's written about often.

‘Pregnancy after loss was hard. Parenting is hard. Parenting after loss is H.A.R.D. The constant worrying, questioning and comparing. The pressure to love and cherish every moment because of how hard your journey has been.’ Michelle

Telling your story over and over

One of the difficulties Michelle has mentioned is the need to repeat her story to different health professionals when they ask, "Is this your first baby?". It's a common scenario for many parents who have experienced loss and it can be upsetting and painful each and every time.

Abstract logo of a mum holding a baby with another baby visible in her heart. The words 'parenting after loss' can also be seenA simple solution: stickers

To help parents show rather than tell their story, Michelle teamed up with her friend Lisa Robinson to design two beautiful stickers for rainbow babies’ red books. These will notify health visitors and doctors that the mums or dads in their care may need some additional understanding and help to navigate the emotions they may be feeling.

Where to get them

The parenting after loss sticker templates are free to download from Dear Orla, though a contribution to their fundraising page would be very welcome.

Get the stickers

Our thoughts

'Parenting is a journey that is shaped by many different experiences, but the loss of a baby is totally unique and can very much influence future parenting experiences.  Recognising a previous loss is imperative to supporting parents with the anxieties and vulnerabilities of adjusting to life with their next baby.  It is necessary to acknowledge that taking home a live baby does not provide a resolve or end to a loss but actually places greater importance on creating a safe space to discuss ongoing anxieties and thoughts as much as the parents need.' Kate, Tommy's Midwifery manager and practising health visitor

Thank you

Tommy’s would like to thank Michelle for all of her efforts to support other mums and dads who are pregnant or parenting after loss. What a fantastic mum Orla and Esme have.

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