One step closer to a ban on home dopplers

This week MPs passed a bill which proposes a ban on the sale of home dopplers in the UK.

Handheld doppler apparatus.

Pregnancy news, 13/10/2017

MP Antoinetter Sanbach presented the Ten Minute Rule Bill in the House of Commons on Wednesday 11 October 2017. It was passed unanimously.

There will be a second reading in January, meaning it could become law in UK that no shops can sell home-use dopplers.

Not sure what a home doppler is? Our midwife Kate explains.

The aim of the Bill, and those who petitioned for it, is to ensure dopplers stay in the hands of medical professionals only.

Where it began

Our friends at Kicks Count have been working hard for many years to raise awareness of the danger of using a home doppler, but as sales increase they decided that more needed to be done.

They set up a petition to ban the sale of home dopplers, which has received over 12,000 signatures, and it went from there.

Kicks Count shared the exciting news

‘We have some AMAZING news to share! Yesterday afternoon, Antoinette Sandbach MP did an incredible job reading a 10 minute rule motion in the House of Commons, to propose a ban on the sale of home dopplers in the UK. As our CEO and General Manager watched on, it was PASSED with all MP's present agreeing. Next step, a second discussion scheduled for January.’

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