Holly and Phil defend public breastfeeding

The This Morning hosts were shocked by a mother’s view that breastfeeding women should be ‘more discreet’.

Pregnancy news, 29/03/17

We were happy to hear Holly and Phil defending public breastfeeding on the sofa this morning. Both hosts were visibly shocked by the opinions of one of the mums who joined the debate. This came after a man commented on Facebook about how inappropriate it was for a woman to bring her baby to his local pub and breastfeed:

Facebook post about breastfeeding in pubs

The mum agreed with him that breastfeeding in pubs isn’t acceptable and that women should be ‘a bit more discreet’ and ‘cover up’ when in public. Holly jumped-in to defend breastfeeding mums by saying, ‘breastfeeding isn’t that easy’ and that some babies don’t like to be fed under a sheet or in a dark space.

Phil also hit back at her comment that heterosexual men felt uncomfortable around breastfeeding women because they can’t help but look. His argument was that ‘it’s not that difficult to avert your eyes’ and he went on to say that there shouldn’t be a stigma around breastfeeding because it is ‘very natural [and] very normal’.

We agree, and we’re surprised that breastfeeding in public is still met with these reactions. We know some mums can find it embarrassing so we’re thankful to Holly and Phil for letting everyone know that it’s OK.

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