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Spray tans are still considered unsafe in pregnancy

Spray tans are thought to be unsafe in pregnancy, but tanning creams and lotions are considered OK if used correctly. Our midwife Amanda explains.

Last week there was uproar when pregnant actress Stephanie Davis posted a photo of herself on social media looking like she’d just had a spray tan. While fake tan creams and lotions are generally considered safe in pregnancy, spray tans are not. That's because the effects that inhaling the chemicals from a spray tan may have on you and your baby are still unknown.

We understand the appeal of using tanning products, especially during summer months, but if you are pregnant and want to fake tan there are a few steps that you need to take first.

Our midwife Amanda explains

"If you use a fake tan then remember to do a patch test first as the changes in your hormone levels during pregnancy can make your skin more sensitive than usual. Generally, fake tan creams and lotions are considered safe as the active ingredient dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is non-toxic and is not absorbed into the body. It’s probably best to avoid spray tans though until any possible effects of inhaling the substance are known."

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