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Pass me a crumpet!

Morning sickness. Why is it called morning sickness when you feel sick ALL DAY LONG baffles me immensely. It seems cruel for a term to be so misleading.

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Most people I know seem to have gotten away with this hideous side of pregnancy pretty lightly so it really wasn’t on my radar as something that would sap the life out of me for weeks.

My mother in law keeps reminding me that she didn’t have any sickness in any of her 3 pregnancies

I’m not sure whether to cry or slap her when she says this. My mother on the other hand is blindly optimistic that I will feel better ‘in a few weeks’. Again, exceedingly unhelpful when you are literally just trying to get through each day in one piece and all you really want is someone to give you some sympathy and some ready salted crisps.

You may be getting the idea that morning sickness has been an extremely unfun part of pregnancy for me. I won’t lie – there have been days when I’ve wondered why on earth anyone puts themselves through this – or indeed why they would choose to have another baby after such an experience. The words ‘you did this to me’ have passed my lips in the direction of my husband. I’m assured it’s all worth it in the end but right now I am struggling to see this through the fog of nausea.

Since around week 6 I have felt sick all day, every day

There has been some dry retching but today has surpassed itself and I have actually been sick. Hurrah. I thought actually being sick might make me feel better. It doesn’t and I have felt worse than ever. Luckily I have been off work today as I worked over the weekend so I have been moping around on the sofa.

A self confessed foodie and lover of food, my husband is struggling to understand that pretty much everything makes me want to hurl. I think he’s also concerned that living on a diet of hot cross buns, crumpets and crisps probably isn’t very nutritious for me. Whilst I have shared these concerns, I have to just eat what I can stomach. Thank god for vitamin supplements.

If I get anywhere near hungry the nausea is much worse, so to combat this I have to eat something every two hours to keep it at bay and enable to me to function. My clothes are certainly feeling tighter and I’m not sure whether this is due to the little life growing inside me or the insane amount of carbohydrates I’m eating.  I’m generally too tired (oh yes, that’s another first trimester highlight) to devote much time to worrying about what I look like in my clothes. Eating crumpets every two hours is right now, much more essential to my wellbeing.

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