Naomi Coombes takes on Swim Serpentine to remember her brothers and sisters that she never got to meet

The money being raised could help to fund the Tommy’s National Centre for Miscarriage Research which opened earlier this year.

September 2016

Naomi’s parents sadly suffered 2 miscarriages before she and her brother were born. Naomi’s mum, Gill, then suffered 2 further miscarriages whilst trying for her 3rd child. 

Having been referred to a recurrent miscarriage clinic, Gill discovered she had a blood disorder called anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome which means little clots form preventing the placenta from attaching securely to the lining of the womb, causing early miscarriage. The doctors were amazed that Naomi and her older brother had been carried to term without intervention. 

With her next pregnancy, Naomi’s mum had to inject herself daily with heparin injections to prevent the clots from forming until 32 weeks. To their delight another brother was successfully born thanks to this treatment.

Naomi, 24, is taking on a 1-mile open-water swim for Tommy’s on Saturday 24th September in honour of her brothers and sisters that she never got to meet. The money that Naomi raising could help to fund the Tommy’s National Centre for Miscarriage Research.

You can sponsor Naomi via this link -

We cannot wait to cheer her on!

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